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We saw an adult Sheldon Cooper, a genius who knows all about physics, but how he came to this, had to guess for a long time. In fact, the passion for exact sciences arose from a guy from childhood, but only the people around him, including parents, did not understand this, taking the actions of his son for strange antics. Young Sheldon Season 1 torrent hd At eleven years he managed to enroll in the University of Texas and three years later he graduated with honors.

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During the training and earlier Sheldon regularly retired along with his ideas and invented different mechanisms, many of which, unfortunately, did not hurry to work properly. Because of this, the guy often found himself in the hospital, and the mother simply could not find a place, not understanding why her son was not like everyone else. Young Sheldon Season 1 torrent download Not only is he completely mired in his science, he is also growing, moving ever further from people. However, the true reasons for this are hidden in the family, but few people understood this.

This is a new prequel to The Big Bang Theory and he will tell you about the youth of the famous hero of the series named Sheldon Cooper. Young Sheldon Season 1 torrent online In the new series we learn the details of his personal life, how he got on well with his relatives and what complicated ways of his youth he had to go through. Our boy was a very gifted boy, but his parents and relatives did not take it and did not contribute to his development. He already entered the University of Texas at the age of eleven, and shortly after fourteen he graduated with honors.

Despite disagreements in the family, he tried to move on, but still it left a big imprint in life. Sheldon owns a slightly disgusting character, which many times noticed his peers, but our hero did not want to change it. He does not know what compassion is, therefore he draws conclusions as a machine, not caring about giving consequences to other people. Young Sheldon Season 1 torrent for free He experimented a lot in his life, creating ever more inconceivable inventions, but most of them unfortunately were still unsuccessful. Want to know the continuation of the story? Then watch this entertaining comedy series!

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