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The series tells about a detachment of Vikings Ragnar. He rebelled to become the king of the Viking tribes. Vikings Season 5 Torrent The Norwegian legend says that he was a direct descendant of Odin, the god of war and warriors.

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The ambitious Viking leader from the Vikings series 5 season, Ragnar Lodbrock, was unacceptable about the idea of ​​useless existence within his own village. Vikings Season 5 Torrent Download The brave hero could not reconcile himself to the tactics of the reign of the incumbent king, who was always sending his soldiers to certain death for the sake of dubious results. Therefore, the heroic fighter decided to become the head of a large detachment, called to fight for an increase in the country. Vikings Season 5 Torrent Watch The uncompromising descendant of Odin gathered around himself associates, each of whom contributed to the common cause. Master Floka helped Ragnar build a ship capable of transporting soldiers long distances. Rollo's brother was ready to become the leader's right hand, and only the Viking wives had to wait for their men to return home with a victory and raise their children.

Going overseas to conquer unexplored lands, none of the born fighters knew what the results of their journey might be. Vikings Season 5 Torrent HD But everyone was ready to take risks and do almost impossible for the sake of victory. Vikings dreamed of seeing their country strong, rich and big. And for this, they had to go through many battles and fights, defeating all the confrontations for freedom. You can watch online Vikings Season 5 Torrent in high quality for free without registration.

Created in the genre of historical drama exclusively for the channel History, this series is one of the most prominent serials of our time in this genre. Vikings Season 5 Torrent - do not strictly follow historical events. Vikings Season 5 Torrent This means that it is created takes inspiration in medieval Scandinavian stories about the legends of the Vikings. About their raids on Britain and other kingdoms of Europe.

The central character in this series is, probably, the most famous leader of the Vikings Season 5 Torrent. His name is Ragnar Lodbrock. Vikings Season 5 Torrent Legends and legends say that his family comes from the god Odin, like all his closest associates.

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