Twin Peaks Season 2
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The main storyline of the film is the story of the investigation by the special agent of the FBI, Dale Cooper, of the mysterious murder of a young schoolgirl Laura Palmer, who seemed to be exemplary in all respects. Later it will be revealed that between the visible and the real there was an incredible abyss. The story begins with the news of the discovery of a naked body wrapped in polyethylene and thrown out by waves on the shore of the lake. During the investigation, before the attentive views of Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman and his assistants are various residents of Twin Peaks. Gradually the spectator discovers for himself the amazing diversity of the sides of this seemingly quiet and peaceful town: from dramatic romance to chilling, mystical horror. The director of the film, David Lynch, will later say in an interview: "Twin Peaks - everywhere. This is not the place. This state. "

Episodes: 1-22 of 22 full added 22 episodes

Year of manufacture: 1990-1991
Country: USA
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime, detective
Duration: 90 min + 21 h 45 min

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Initially, it was planned to remove only eight episodes, but given the huge interest of the public, their number increased to 22, but the ABC channel management demanded at the end of the season to uncover the secret of the murderer Laura Palmer, which was objected to by director David Lynch, who, for artistic reasons, That it should forever remain a mystery. However, the commercial point of view won. Twin Peaks Torrent Download This was the reason that Lynch took only six episodes, and the rest were filmed by invited directors.

Twin Peaks Torrent Watch After the killer was exposed, the fans of the series came in complete indignation over such an ugly outcome, and "Twin Peaks" turned to the viewer with its mystical side.

Since the performer of the main role of Agent Cooper Kyle McLachlan categorically refused to develop Cooper's love line with high school student Audrey Horn, considering it unacceptable for the moral appearance of his flawless hero, the creators of the series had to go into the development of not the main storylines. Twin Peaks Torrent HD What, ultimately, led to the fact that the popularity of the series began to fall sharply, and it was soon closed.

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