Twin Peaks Season 1
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The main storyline of the film is the story of the investigation by the special agent of the FBI, Dale Cooper, of the mysterious murder of a young schoolgirl Laura Palmer, who seemed to be exemplary in all respects. Later it will be revealed that between the visible and the real there was an incredible abyss. The story begins with the news of the discovery of a naked body wrapped in polyethylene and thrown out by waves on the shore of the lake. During the investigation, before the attentive views of Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman and his assistants are various residents of Twin Peaks. Gradually the spectator discovers for himself the amazing diversity of the sides of this seemingly quiet and peaceful town: from dramatic romance to chilling, mystical horror. The director of the film, David Lynch, will later say in an interview: "Twin Peaks - everywhere. This is not the place. This state. "

Episodes: 1-8 of 8 full added 8 episodes 

Year of manufacture: 1990
Country: USA
Genre: Thriller, drama, crime, detective
Duration: 90 min + 7x45 min

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The series "Twin Peaks Season 1 Torrent" is an excellent combination of such genres as drama, crime, thriller, detective. This cult series takes a leading place in the nominations "Best serial-thriller", "Best drama series", "Best serial-detective", "Best criminal serial" of the nineties. American action story conquered all the audience with its output, and does not lose its popularity to this day. Twin Peaks Season 1 Torrent The famous director David Lynch created a unique multi-series film that causes moral tension and unprecedented interest among viewers.

The characters of the series at first seem to be "caricature" heroes. They are contradictory and mysterious. In the center of the plot of the series "Twin Peaks Season 1 Torrent" are two people: Sheriff Truman and agent Cooper. The events of the criminal detective acquire rapid development after the main characters are assigned the task - to investigate the cause of death of a young girl, who was found on the lake shore in a plastic bag.

A mysterious event makes everyone shudder. Quiet and calm life in the town collapses, and a brutal crime horrifies even the most courageous residents. Twin Peaks Season 1 Torrent Trying to find the perpetrator of the murder, the main characters conduct a survey of the local population. Soon the story takes a completely different turn, it turns out that the city keeps a lot of mysteries and secrets.

A confused crime is a shock to the representatives of the law, but they are doing their best to solve this case. Twin Peaks Season 1 Torrent Detective Cooper, along with his assistants and the city sheriff, is trying to get to the bottom of the truth, thus exposing his life to many dangers. Will the main characters of the series learn the true cause of the residents' silence and understand the meaning in such an intricate business? Start to see the series and find out what dangers await the main characters?

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