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Travelers Season 2
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Hundreds of years from now, surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century, while attempting to save humanity from a terrible future.

Episodes: 1-12 of 12 full added 12 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre fiction
Duration: ~ 00: 45: 00

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A terrible technogenic catastrophe caused the death of almost the whole of mankind. Travelers Season 2 Torrent Watch Only a group of scientists and several people managed to survive alive, who at the time listened to warnings and managed to hide in the shelter. However, they can not continue a serene existence, because because of the catastrophe, the Earth is no longer suitable for normal life. Travelers Season 2 Torrent online for free in good quality. To remedy the situation, scientists are taken for developing a unique project. Its main goal is to create a temporary loop, over which survivors could move.

Travelers Season 2 Torrent Download This is necessary for them to have the opportunity to return to the past and influence the situation. In just a few months, talented professors managed to translate their plan into reality. And the first group of surviving people left with a mission in the past. Once they are in the past, they all become completely different people, but at the same time they remember the purpose for which they have arrived and what they need to do. Detective McClaren becomes an ally of travelers. Having learned about the mission of these people, they decide to help them in every possible way. Thanks to the support of the policeman, they manage to prevent the loading of dangerous substances, which in the future would cause an explosion. Travelers Season 2 Torrent HD To replace them the second group is already in a hurry, but all its members mysteriously die.

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Mankind is deliberately moving towards self-destruction. Many mistakes could be avoided, if only for a minute the secret veil of the future was slightly opened. All the latest inventions in the results bring more harm than good. Travelers Season 2 Torrent The people of the future have already managed to feel all the negative consequences of human activity. Surviving representatives of the most intelligent biological species on Earth, if you start the series in a good quality all the series, there is not much left. Heroes find a way to move around in time space. Travelers Season 2 Torrent That's just moving not the physical body, but the consciousness that ordinary people living in the 21st century have. Special teams must correct the situation so that the terrible future does not happen.

Travelers Season 2 Torrent Now These travelers had very scant information about their alleged ancestors. They had only historical data and archives of social networks. The heroes look at many things in a new way. In this period of time, they reveal complex human relationships. It's not easy to understand them. To fulfill an important mission, it is necessary to join that society, to learn how to feel, think, like people from the past. Will the heroic efforts of the characters from the future be in vain? Travelers Season 2 Torrent 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 episodes online.

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