Time After Time Season 1
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The adventures of young H.G. Wells and his time machine.

Episodes: 1-12 of 12 full added 12 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Fiction, drama, detective, adventure
Duration: 00:43:00

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Serial basis was the motives of the 1979 film of the same name, which acquired a cult status among the fans of science fiction and a novel published earlier with the same name. Time After Time Season 1 Torrent The main characters of these three works and themselves are figures of the cult in their midst. This is almost the first science fiction writer Herbert Wells and one of the first serial maniacs Time After Time Season 1 Torrent Download Jack, whose frightened contemporaries accurately nicknamed the Ripper.

Incredible story of this originates in London in 1893. Young Herbert Wells arranges a presentation of his new invention - an operating time machine. Time After Time Season 1 Torrent At the event, his acquaintances, people of famous, such stars of that era come. Among others, Leslie John Stefanson is also a surgeon and a friend of Herbert College. Time After Time Season 1 Torrent HD Under this name, Jack the Ripper is hiding, then terrorizing the London slums.

Unexpectedly at the event there are detectives of Scotland Yard, who have questions to the surgeon. Instantly orienting, Stefanson jumps into the car and goes to the future, getting into the American San Francisco. Time After Time Season 1 Torrent According to the idea of ​​the inventor, the device, after use, returns at its own time. When this happens, Wells, feeling his responsibility, goes after the Ripper. Time After Time Season 1 Torrent Now.

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Time After Time Season 1 Torrent Watch In the film, a real and contrived plot is intertwined, creating a unique multi-colored canvas of events. The main character is a real person, a famous science fiction writer, a legend of American literature of the early twentieth century, Herbert Wells. Fascinated by the utopia of world socialism, who does not understand the monstrous background of this sadistic system, immersed in his dreams, this person could not always notice in time what surrounded him, why each day was filled with risk. Time After Time Season 1 Torrent For Free.

He longed for peace in the whole world, order, harmony and beauty. He also dreamed of the most incredible miracles, of travels in times and spaces. Time After Time Season 1 Torrent And from this moment begins the intertwining of a real biography and that fantastic plot into which the famous writer dreamed to turn his life. So, still young, novice writer Wells, unexpectedly inventing a time machine. Time After Time Season 1 Torrent Online.

He is happy and plans the most amazing journey in the Renaissance and ... realizes it. Time After Time Season 1 Torrent But suddenly the situation is getting out of control, and instead of Herbert in the twentieth century, the most desperate pirate of the past epoch is caught. The measured life of the twentieth century brought chaos. Now we need to come up with something urgently, until the world collapsed like a house of cards. Time After Time Season 1 Torrent Good Quality.

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