The Terror Season 1
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The Terror Season 1 Torrent In 1845, the expedition, under the command of the experienced polar explorer Sir John Franklin, travels on the vessels "The Terror Season 1 Torrent" and "Erebus" to the northern coast of Canada in search of the Northwest passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific - and disappears without a trace. The search for it was delayed for several decades, information about her fate was collected literally bit by bit, and until now the picture of the event is full of white spots ... Dan Simmons, The Terror Season 1 Torrent the famous author of Hyperion and Endymion, Ilion and Olympus, "And" The Dark Game of Death, "offers its version of events: the main threat to the expedition was not the crushing embrace of the ice, not the cold with the blizzard and not spoiled canned food - The Terror Season 1 Torrent but an unknown gigantic monster, as if woven from snow and polar darkness.

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Production: USA
Year of manufacture: 2018
Genre: horror, drama
Duration: ~ 00:46:00 series

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The Terror Season 1 Torrent The world of the past is literally, the era of discovery. After all, at the time of the 19th century, the world map was full of blank spots. Then a man named Sir John Franklin appeared. He was a scientist and wanted to erase another white spot from the map of the world. The purpose of it was, the northern coast of Canada, where the hero wanted to find a transition from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. Then, technology and navigation, were far from the ideal state. And such a journey, it turned out to be quite difficult in view of the abundance of ice in the northern territories of the oceans. Closeness to the North Pole, created the greatest difficulty. On the journey went two ships under the name of Terror and Erebus.

The Terror Season 1 Torrent The crew are the simplest people who wanted to move human knowledge forward. They wanted, as simple a journey as possible, which would facilitate the further life of seafarers. But alas, this is not for them to get. After all, the northern waters were rich not only in the amount of snow and ice. It was there that a mysterious monster woven from snow and ice hid. And this mysterious creature, clearly did not want to see uninvited guests, on its own territory. Ahead, the team is waiting for a difficult test, where death will follow him on the heels.

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