The Simpsons Season 29
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The Simpsons live in the fictional city of Springfield, with its society and history. The Simpsons Season 29 Torrent Homer is the father of the family, who gives bad advice and works as a safety inspector at the nuclear power plant; Marge - a loving mother and wife, tries to stay calm in the family; Bart is a 10 year old hooligan; Lisa is a philosophical 8-year-old child; and Maggie is an infant who communicates through the nipple.

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Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Comedy, Satire
Duration: ~ 00:23:00

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Format: MKV
Video: X264, 1280x720 (16: 9), 23.976 fps, ~ 2200 kbps
Audio 1: AC3, 48 kHz, 5.1 ch, 384 kbps, CBR - Rus
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Subtitles: English


The main characters of this series are the households from the Simpson family, who have already caught on to thousands of television viewers. The Simpsons Season 29 Torrent The head of the family is Homer. A middle-aged man does not mind drinking sometimes, and therefore after work and on weekends he visits a local pub and passes a mug or two.

Marge is his wife. She does not work anywhere, but at home she has enough worries and hassle. The Simpsons Season 29 Torrent Homer and Marge have three children, so the mother has time to feed everyone, give her drink, dress and shod, and give them all and her beloved husband at least a little attention.

Children in the Simpson family are very different. For example, Bart. He is experiencing difficulties of transition age, but he tries not to despair. Bart is a very cheerful guy, in school he is always in the spotlight. The Simpsons Season 29 Torrent The leader of the company, he makes the whole class laugh with his jokes and tricks and loves hooliganism, picking up girls and boys. His sister Lisa is the opposite of her brother. She adores school, goes to school with great pleasure, and Lisa always does homework. An exemplary schoolgirl brings her parents some joys and never gives cause for concern for her future. Finally, Maggie.

The baby was born very recently, and therefore has not yet had time to show the audience its essence. The Simpsons Season 29 Torrent Simpsons live not alone - they are surrounded by neighbors, among whom there are quite strange personalities who turn their life and life of the main characters into a cycle of events and stories.

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