The Flash Season 4
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When Barry Allen was small, most of all he wanted to be a superhero - those who exceed the limits of the human body and use for the benefit of the power given to him. When Barry was eleven years old, he learned from experience that people with unusual abilities do exist: his mother was killed by one of such people. The Flash Season 4 Torrent Growing up and becoming a forensic scientist, Barry did not abandon thoughts of superhumans and continued to seek evidence of their existence, which did not have a positive impact on his reputation and communication with his colleagues. However, once his efforts were rewarded ...

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Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: fiction, action, drama, crime
Duration: ~ 45 min.

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Earlier Barry Alain was an ordinary guy, but everything changed overnight. There was an accident after which Barry gained superpower and became the fastest person on the planet. The protagonist of the series The Flash Season 4 Torrent decided to use his power for good, so he put on a suit and defended Central City. It began to be called Flash. The Flash Season 4 Torrent Flash was able to assemble a team, together they confront criminals and meta-people who wanted to use their forces for mercenary motives. The Flash Season 4 Torrent Barry Alain got into the Force of Speed, at this point the guy could think about everything. Barry completely revised what happened to him over the past 3 years.

The Flash Season 4 Torrent Soon Flash again returned to Central City, here he was met by Cisko and Iris. The guys are very happy to see Barry, only now Flash has become somehow strange and gloomy. Criminals are not asleep, and Flash needs to get together and fight a new criminal. The Flash Season 4 Torrent The new villain is called The Thinker, and he is several times stronger than previous opponents of Flash. The Flash Season 4 Torrent Coping with such an opponent will be difficult, but Alain and his team are not accustomed to difficulties.

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