The Expanse Season 3
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The Expanse Season 3 Torrent Detective Miller is working on the mysterious disappearance of a young woman. His detective tracks intersect with the life path of Holden - a roguish captain of a star. Companions involuntarily begin to act together and go on a long journey through the Cosmos. In which, they will have to uncover a conspiracy of universal proportions. The script for the project was written based on the novel "Awakening of Leviathan" by James S.A. Corey

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• Year of manufacture: 2018
• Country: USA
• Genre: Fantasy, detective
• Duration: ~ 00:43:00

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The Expanse Season 3 Torrent The fantastic story behind this television series is the adaptation of the novel The Awakening of Leviathan, sponsored by Daniel Abraham and Ty Frenk. The plot will take us to the Earth of the distant future, about two hundred years ahead. Humanity is making a great technological breakthrough, thanks to which it is now possible to move between the universes over great distances, all without significant spending on fuel. At the moment, people are actively engaged in the colonization of the entire solar system, and have done well in this. But before resolving the deep secrets of the infinite cosmos is still very far.

If you watch the episode The Expanse Season 3 Torrent, you'll see that the fascinating story begins with the signal of distress near Canterbury. Its source is another ship called Skopuli. The captain decides that it is necessary to immediately go to the rescue crew of the distressed vessel. It's only on arrival that it becomes clear that there is not a single living person inside. Soon, they themselves will have to save their lives from a terrible death.

At the same time, Detective Miller is trying to find the missing girl Joey Mao. The Expanse Season 3 Torrent The tracks lead our hero to the already familiar ship of Skopuli. In the course of the investigation, Miller realizes that he is now at the center of a global conspiracy, the consequence of which may be a world war, and it will cover the whole world.

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