The Big Bang Theory Season 11
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The main characters are two very clever physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, who live together, everyone knows about atoms and particle physics, but very little in ordinary life. They have the same "flawed" friends-comrades-the troubled engineer Howard Volovitz and the astrophysicist from India Rajesh Kutrapali, who completely loses her voice at the sight of the girl. On all this from above we add the broken beauty of Penny, who lives opposite Sheldon and Leonard. She teaches them their lives, they try to educate her. What in the end turns out - look in the series!

Episodes: 1-24 of 24 full added 24 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: sitcom, comedy
Duration: ~ 00: 23: 00

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This The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent well-known audience began to appear in 2007. Since then, season after season, it comes out captivating the audience of different countries of the world. The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent In detailed representations the film does not need, because it has already won a lot of positive reviews, prizes and gathered an army of fans around the world.

Known are the people who worked on the picture. It's about the director, screenwriter and many actors who are popular with the described film. The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent The series from the very first series gradually acquaints the viewer with four main characters - young physicists. The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent The most vivid character is Sheldon. This funny bore brings into action a lot of flamboyant humor.

There are friendly relations between the heroes. The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent Each of the young people devotes a lot of time to science, but it can not be otherwise. For them, this is almost the main meaning of life. The most important thing is to make a career. The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent True, for the friend of Sheldon, the attention of the opposite sex is still important. But Sheldon does not want to run after every skirt.

However, everything can happen in life ... The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent However, this character is positioned from the very beginning: smart, intelligent, but for girls - too complicated person. In this regard, many amusing situations are expected. The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent Sometimes Sheldon will interfere with his friend, and sometimes just bring a pretty neighbor to frustration.

All the characters are sincere, gullible, even slightly naive. In addition, they do not have a very personal life. Frankly speaking, getting to know and talking with girls for friends is an incredibly difficult task. How will their relationship develop in the future? The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent What will the heroes have in the first place: work, friendly feelings or love? Will their value system change? The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent A marital status? If it is interesting to know the answer, the film is at your service.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent In general, it will be of interest to both young people and spectators of mature age. Yes, the picture touches on the pressing problems of youth (for example, how practical is higher education, if students become so uncomfortable with life), The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent but actors can learn a lot, and absolutely all categories of viewers. Young and old, scientists and workers, can get great pleasure from watching the seriesThe Big Bang Theory Season 11 Torrent , especially from the quality humor, which here is more than enough.

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