The Big Bang Theory Season 10
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Two brilliant physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, "great minds" who understand how the universe works. But their genius does not help them to communicate with people, especially with women. Everything begins to change when beautiful Pennie settles in front of them. When Leonard and Sheldon meet Penny, Leonard immediately begins to be interested in her. He sees a great deal in communication with Penny, up to love, but Sheldon realizes that his friend's dreams will not come true. It is also worth noting a couple of strange friends of these physicists: Wolowitz, who likes to use phrases in various languages, including Russian, and Rajesh Kutrapali, who is speechless at the sight of women.

Episodes: 1-24 of 24 full added 24 episodes

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• Country: USA
• Genre: a sitcom
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Their lives change their trajectory and take on a new meaning when a young blonde Penny becomes a neighbor, who came to Los Angeles to become a popular actress, and yet an extra waitress. The Big Bang Theory Season 10 torrent hd The great minds in the series are free, they were immediately struck down by a charming girl who quickly joined the new neighborhood team, taking their place in Leonard's heart, although Sheldon was skeptical of the friend's love. However, young people found each other so entertaining, although it was necessary to work hard on the relationship, but in the end everything ended just fine, the wedding of Penny and Leonard took place.

 In addition, a long dialogue with Penny of the other friends gave their results, the girl told the guys about the intricacies of communicating with the weak half and soon Rajesh will have a girl, but Sheldon remained as if out of work, although the guy always believed that the surrounding people were just lucky to live with He is near, however, and on his share will fall a fateful meeting, although he in every way denied the attraction to the cute Emmy. The Big Bang Theory Season 10 torrent download As events continue to develop, you can watch in the series "The Big Bang Theory Season 10" online, with lots of kind jokes, subtle humor and fascinating situations.

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