Suits Season 7
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In the center of the plot is a wonderful but unmotivated young man who never completed his studies in college. He has all the necessary qualities to become a good lawyer, except for a diploma. But due to the knowledge of the laws of the street and the assertive, not always honest actions, an influential law firm from Manhattan hires him.

Episodes: 1-16 of 16 full added 16 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: drama, comedy
Duration: 16 x 42 min

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Format: MKV
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Subtitles: English

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The story begins with the fact that one of the heroes of the series makes an unsuccessful attempt to sell drugs. Suits Season 7 torrent download It's about a self-taught lawyer, Mike Ross. Almost all the people with whom he meets know him as a graduate of one of the Harvard universities. So it happens that he needs to hide from the pursuers urgently. By chance, he is interviewed by one of the best lawyers who successfully carry out transactions in New York. Suits Season 7 torrent hd The life of Harvey Spectrum passes through a well-planned trajectory, but, nevertheless, the surrounding people are already fed up and he urgently needs to somehow change the situation. Tired and bored seekers, who most of all in the world want to protect the law with all possible zeal and desire.

Then Harvey takes a risk, agreeing to take to his job fugitive Mike. The guy is not so bad, because he has an innate talent and photographic memory, which provides him a good service in the whole process of life. Suits Season 7 torrent hd What happened in the end? And it turned out a rather ambiguous tandem of representatives of the law, shining with his erudition and famous throughout Manhattan with his ingenuity. They are waiting for a lot of incredible and unusual cases, during which they get to know each other much better. Suits Season 7 torrent download Each of them is characterized by some of its qualities, which repeatedly help in the course of the whole process of their interaction in the difficult field of the defenders of the law.

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