Strange Angel Season 1
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Based on the life of Jack Parsons, a brilliant real-life rocket engineer hired by the US government in 1940s to help with their rocket program, which Parsons hoped to push towards space exploration. Eccentric by nature, Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent Parsons soon meets and quickly befriends the English occultist Aleister Crowley, who proceeds to seduce him into his way of thinking, which includes the idea of amorality as the only principal in life and his Thelema religious movement as the only true religion that includes secret orgies and magic rituals meant to establish contact with 'the other side.' As Parsons slowly becomes part of this secret world, his newfound beliefs jeopardize both his marriage and his job.

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Immersion in the film begins for the moviegoer with an introduction to the figure of the main character. Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent Hero Jack Parsons was able to make a career. We see how difficult it was for him to move in the chosen field of activity, how many difficulties arose on the way to the cherished dream, how persistently this man moved from the lower tier of the career ladder to the very top. Already at a young age, the hero of the series demonstrates a talent for rocket engineering. Abilities in this area are supposedly given to a boy from birth. Jack really loved everything that had a relationship to this topic. Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent He was "sick" with rocket construction and jet propulsion. All this had an effect. Fateful changes in the fate of Jack were associated with this direction.

Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent The first steps on career advancement with numerous steps-obstacles young lad makes consciously, confidently, purposefully. He occupies one of the posts at a chemical plant located in the heart of Los Angeles. Let the first post and do not seem to the people too respectable and having a direct relation to the dream of a guy, but he does not pay attention to the opinion of people around. Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent The work of the cleaner should be for Jack only a happy pass to the big world, where he can realize his potential.

Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent Persistence as the main character trait has a direct impact on how all events develop in the life of the main character of our film. He in a short time manages to make a colossal movement through the ranks. Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent Jack Parsons opens his own laboratory and becomes one of the pioneers in the field of rocket science.

Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent But Parsons' talents and abilities do not end there. He is in reality to a certain point in the film is for the viewer a dark horse. Only after a few episodes we learn that an outstanding chemist was fascinated by the work and activities of the great Marx. This fascination was left in the unfinished stage, as Jack was able to interest more serious life guides. Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent Family Crowley Union opens Jack to work some American occultist.

All this leads to a complete change in Parsons' consciousness. He literally begins to feel an absolute dependence on the Order of the Knights Templar. Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent Of course, a man joins the ranks of this organization. But Jack himself does not quite understand what he is doing, because his dreams once had another vector. Strange Angel Season 1 Torrent The cosmic universe is getting farther from the great scientist, who has set foot on another path of interest.

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