Star Trek: Discovery Season 1
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Ten years before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things alien.

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James has heard hundreds of stories about his father, who died rescuing his pregnant mother and the entire crew of the ship "Calvin." But these stories seemed to give the guy more to understand how different they are with their father. James never felt in himself the notes of the future hero. He continued to be a hooligan and would have lived like that if he had not been involved in a fight with the Starfleet fighters. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Torrent Their leader Christopher Pike, who stopped the beating of the boy, introduced himself as a friend of his father. He pressed James, made him understand that he had all the makings to serve in one of the Starfleet detachments.

Doubting the correctness of this decision, James still agreed and did not lose. Yes, at first it was not easy, but soon he got used to it and even became a captain. The real abilities of a fighter are known during the battle, and he has repeatedly demonstrated his. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Torrent Approaching his team, he became one of the best fleet captains guarding order in the universe. But, even with such a faithful friend as Spock at hand, he could not prevent the disappearance of the Vulcan planet.


This loss had a significant impact on him, but more on Spock, who lost her native home in her face. However, prior to large-scale incursions and flights on the powerful spaceship Enterprise, the team operated a shuttle called Discovery. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Torrent It was with him that their adventures began, on which their faithful friendships were born. Then they only had to begin to explore the expanses of the universe, and each of the unknown galaxies with magical power attracted them to themselves ..

This TV series is considered one of the most famous, and you can compare it, probably only with another, no less famous series "Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Torrent". It is for the premieres of the two legendary projects not to be intertwined with each other, it was decided to release them at different times, even the release of "Star Trek. Beyond ", a full-length film, will not come into contact with the release date of the television series.

Bryan Fuller will also take part in creating the series online as a screenwriter, since in his asset there are many works related to space themes. Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Torrent And work on projects from the Star Trek series - Voyager and Deep Space 9, became a kind of staircase in the cinematographic and television career, creating a total of 22 scenarios for a series of science fiction popular films.


It is also known that the cast of the new "Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Torrent" has completely changed, and in the new project will be involved other actors, whose names are being clarified. In this regard, meetings with past protagonists are not expected, since new characters will be introduced who, like their predecessors, will continue to plow outer space in search of new worlds and civilizations, exploring them, simultaneously solving persistent problems in the modern world.

The very first "Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Torrent" came out in 1966, and very quickly gained popularity, grew into a major franchise with 12 full-length films, a large number of books and, of course, computer games. And in 2009, with the filing of JJ Abrams, the franchise was restarted, and the film "Star Trek" was released. Four years later the film "Star Trek: Retribution" was released, he became the sequel to the first motion picture.

The release of the new project Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Torrent online will be a kind of gift to the famous franchise for its 50th anniversary. And the viewers again have the opportunity to join the brave space travelers on board the most powerful star ship called the Enterprise, enjoy the quality of the video, the scenery and the new costumes of the characters, which of course will be very believable thanks to modern technologies and the artistic skill of the actors themselves.

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