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Sherlock Season 2
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Events unfold in our days. He passed through Afghanistan, remained an invalid. On his return to his native land meets with a mysterious, but peculiar genius. He is looking for a roommate. London, 2012 year. Sherlock Season 2 Torrent There are unexplained murders. Scotland Yard has no idea what to grab for. There is only one person who is able to solve problems and find answers to difficult questions.

Episodes: 1-3 of 3 full added 3 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2012
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: detective, drama
Duration: 1:30:00

Quality: BDRip 720p
Container: MKV
Video: AVC, 1280x720 (1.778), 25.000 fps, 4000 kbps, 0.18 bit / pixel
Audio: AC3; 48 KHz; 2 ch; 192 kbps (Russian)
Audio 2: AC3; 48 KHz; 6 ch; 384 kbps (English)
Subtitles: softsub (SRT) English, Russian (DiamonD)

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Sherlock Season 2 Torrent - this is the series that is really worth a look. Only exceptional critics and connoisseurs are able to trample his reputation in the mud, especially when it comes to the first two seasons.The film tells us all the already well-known story of the legendary detective Sherlock Season 2 Torrent. The only difference is that the story is placed in the framework of our time, which is already quite interesting and non-standard. And even if you do not like the plot, it's extremely difficult to deny the mastery of directing. Every moment, every frame, every sound is the perfect combination, Sherlock Season 2 Torrent completely conveying the right atmosphere.

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Recently, in almost all serials one can find a specific tendency: Sherlock Season 2 Torrent the protagonist has the image of an impregnable, defiant, sometimes soulless person with certain abilities. Sherlock Season 2 Torrent Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, this trend did not pass by this series, in which Sherlock Season 2 Torrent is an egocentric, infantile upstart, but as the viewer guesses, somewhere in the depths of his soul one can see the care of loved ones, kindness and others peculiar to anyone a person of quality.

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