Roadside Picnic Season 1
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Representatives of the TV channel "WGN America" ​​announced the series based on one of the best stories of the authorship of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky - "Roadside Picnic Season 1 Torrent." The work, published by the Strugatsky in 1972, very quickly became a cult, creating a whole movement of stalkers - researchers of abandoned industrial zones. Roadside Picnic Season 1 Torrent Neologism "stalker" can be safely called one of the most successful philological inventions of the authors. In the context of the "Picnic", stalkers are people who enter the Zone in order to take out of it mysterious artifacts, on the sale of which one can make a living.


The action of the original work takes place on our planet in the fantastic town of Harmont and its environs. Roadside Picnic Season 1 Torrent A few years before the main events on the territory of the planet there are six zones in which reality does not obey the laws of physics. Zones became places of alienation in which neither people nor representatives of the animal world can survive. The government takes these territories under its control, trying to understand their origin and the purpose of the discovered artifacts.

As a hypothesis about the occurrence of zones, a version of alien intervention was adopted, and one of the heroes of the book, Roadside Picnic Season 1 Torrent Professor Pilman, identifies the finds with the garbage that was left by the alien travelers on the sidelines after a kind of "picnic". The leitmotif of the work was the moral choice of those who managed to get hold of these strange and mysterious finds, Roadside Picnic Season 1 Torrent because the artifact can become both a source of enrichment and a terrible weapon.

"Roadside Picnic Season 1 Torrent " brought to its creators truly world recognition and many awards for the best book and an outstanding contribution to the genre of fiction.

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