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Rise Season 1 Torrent Lou Mazzuchelli is a dedicated teacher and family man who once gets rid of self-doubt and takes under his wing a school theater circle that is almost in a hopeless state. As a result, the selfless work of Lou changes the life not only of the school, but of the entire working town.

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Year of manufacture: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: Drama
Duration: 00:45:00

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It's not easy to study at school, but it's fun. Numerous lessons and homework do not give children a quiet life. Rise Season 1 Torrent But there are also pleasant moments. For example, school circles. Someone goes to painting, somebody does sports. Some children prefer science to other entertainments. Everyone chooses an occupation based on hobbies. Perhaps someone will want to connect their future with the chosen occupation. Rise Season 1 Torrent For example, go into the sport. It is important to remember that the school is not only a place of suffering for children, but also a place where you can find new friends and have fun with them. About one such fun company of young people and will go on the series speech.

One of the popular places where school youth gathers is a theater group. There everyone is talented. Rise Season 1 Torrent Someone is playing flawlessly, someone is singing splendidly. And someone does not possess either one, but very much wants to find his calling. The school circle existed for a long time, but there was no sense from it. Rise Season 1 Torrent Children constantly argued and swore. Could not choose a repertoire. Everything changes when a young teacher comes to school. He decides to take charge and management of the circle. At first it was difficult for him to find mutual understanding with the children, but gradually everything becomes much better.

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