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Requiem Season 1
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In 1994, a toddler disappeared from a small Welsh village, never to be seen again. 23 years later, in London, the mother of rising cello star Matilda Gray commits suicide, without apparent reason. Among her possessions, Matilda discovers tantalising evidence, linking her mother to the Welsh girl's disappearance all those years ago. And so grief stricken Matilda travels to Wales, determined to find out who she really is, even if it means unraveling her own identity. In the process, she uncovers long buried secrets in this remote community - including one secret more bizarre, terrifying and dangerous than anything she could have imagined: Dark otherworldly forces are gathering - they have been waiting many years for Matilda to return. If every life is a story, then for most of us, it's our parents who write the opening chapters. Requiem Season 1 Torrent They record and remember our early childhoods as we cannot, acting as trusted witnesses to our lives. But what if you discovered that your parent had lied to ...

Episodes: 1-6 of 6 full added 6 episodes

• Year of manufacture: 2018
• Country: United Kingdom
• Genre: Fantasy, thriller
• Duration: ~ 00: 57: 00

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Matilda, the main heroine, lived quite a familiar life, where each new event was on its way. But, one day everything changes radically. Requiem Season 1 Torrent No one could guess that her mother would commit suicide, but it happened and that's why the girl's life turns into a nightmare. Trying to understand what exactly made her mother go to such a reckless act, Requiem Season 1 Torrent Matilda only became more entangled in reality. As a result of the incident, the heroine of the multiseries picture simply stopped Requiem Season 1 Torrent following her established beliefs and began to doubt everything that ever surrounded her.

So, what secret was kept for the unexpected death? To solve this problem, the girl decides to go to the remote country, in the Requiem Season 1 Torrent Welsh village, where in the distant past, due to very mysterious circumstances, the child disappears. But, who would need to take life from a very young man? How does this event relate to the future and the present of Matilda? The best friend, Hal, decides to volunteer to solve this issue. Requiem Season 1 Torrent Do they have enough strength and ingenuity to solve such an intricate business once and for all?

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