Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1
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The series is based on the works of the cult fiction writer Philip K. Dick. Each series is devoted to one of the writer's stories: "Autofac", "The Dull Stranger", "The Commuter", etc.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Country: United States, United Kingdom
Year of manufacture: 2017
Genre fiction
Duration: ~ 00:54:00 series

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Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1 Torrent For fans of science fiction today in the world of cinema there are many unusual pictures. One of the films, capable of completely capturing the consciousness of even an experienced critic, is represented by a team of professional filmmakers and authors. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1 Torrent is inherently a multi-series project, to which connoisseurs of the finest material of the detective and mysticism, fantasy and horror have already shown their attention. The world represented in this film has significant differences from the familiar environment.

A completely different society will be shown here. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1 Torrent In the very first episodes of the film, the audience will find it a little difficult to understand what exactly the author wants to show the world his picture. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1 Torrent But after a few episodes, we understand the intentions of the team of masters who worked on the genius film.

The author of the basic idea was the professional science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. He modeled such an interesting project that this story was transformed into a multi-series picture. Several stories of the author are intertwined. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1 Torrent Each episode is dedicated to a specific story, but they all have a single purpose. To be more precise, here mystical subjects, pictures, in which there are traces of stay on our planet of extraterrestrial beings are involved. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1 Torrent But even more nontrivial is the very model of society in which our great-grandchildren and their followers are to live. Here there is a strange atmosphere: members of the society are obliged to share consciousness with others, and reading of other people's thoughts is not considered shameful.

Along with this, violence and cruelty reign throughout the world of the future. But this is not the worst thing that awaits all who will be in the coming time. Even more strange is the lack of such a thing as freedom. Disenfranchised individuals, ready to make any concessions, are the main characters of the novels, which the authors offer us to look at. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1 Torrent It would seem, what can be interesting in observing the gray mass? But there is also room for rebels, members of society, who want to change something. Together with people with rebellious customs there are benevolent aliens, brilliant scientists, simpletons and brave characters. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Season 1 Torrent All together, these people and robots constitute a certain core of society, ready at a certain time to begin revolutionary actions in relation to the ruthless regime, which is established by certain rulers.

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