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Outlander Season 3
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England, shortly after the end of World War II. Claire, who had worked as an operating nurse for all the war years, finally had the opportunity to reunite with her husband-scientists and build joint plans for the future of their family. One early morning, a thunderstorm catches her up during a walk among the stones that the local leaders call mystical. During the next discharge of lightning, it is suddenly transferred to the past, to Scotland in the middle of the 18th century. Now the only meaning of the woman's life was the goal of returning to her husband, in her time, but for this it was first necessary to simply survive in very difficult conditions, among the ever warring and not civilized men. So, for her own safety, she has to marry a Scottish knight in love with her, an old noble family. However, when, with all his heart, wanting Claire to help, he finds the opportunity to bring her back to the future, she begins to doubt her desire, because with Jamie they begin to connect really strong feelings. She again stands at the mystical stones. What kind of life should she choose?

Episodes: 1-13 of 13 full added 13 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: fiction, drama, melodrama
Duration: ~ 00: 55: 00

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The screen version of Outlander Season 3 torrent online  of the literary bestsellers of Diane Gabldon did not go unnoticed by fans of fiction. Millions of fans appreciated the multiseries historical project, in which there is real and imaginary, otherwise how to call time travel and reliable historical events. And still there is romance. The main heroine of this incredible drama was an ordinary girl with a bright name Claire. The second world, and the clerk works as a nurse. The work is difficult, every day the sea of ​​the wounded, and everyone needs help. For four years she helped the wounded soldiers, bravely pulling them out from under the fire. But here the Victory is declared! Returning from the front, Claire gladly reunites with her beloved husband, Frank.

They are both alive! Happy and in love, they decide to spend their second honeymoon in Scotland. After all, this is the birthplace of her husband's ancestors, the information they are hoping to find. And then strange miracles begin. Outlander Season 3 torrent for free Claire's desire to touch a strange stone, which she saw in an ancient crypt, takes the girl to the distant past. In the middle of the 18th century, where the heroine of the film got to, a bloody civil war is taking place in Scotland. She almost burns at the stake, which led the Scots to her, mistaking her for a witch. But .... It turned out that in that far 1743, Claire from the 20th century has a husband. Scottish knight Jamie conquers the heart of a stranger. It has everything to be happy with him. The passion that broke out between them, can not still make Claire forget her husband, who stayed in the distant future. The girl's heart is torn between her dear men...

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Your attention is presented to the exciting melodramatic story of the Outlander Season 3 torrent hd, the plot of which was based on the work of Diane Gabldon - American writer, who creates in a fantasy and fantasy genre. The story itself will narrate about the unusual story of a young woman, who is called Claire. Outlander Season 3 torrent download The period, about which the conversation will stop, refers to 1943 - in the terrible times of a merciless war. Now life Claire Randall involuntarily divided into two parts - during and after the war. Working as an assistant doctor in the hospital, the main heroine helped not one ten soldiers, just tearing their lives out of the clutches of death.

Outlander Season 3 torrent watch When the Great Patriotic War came to an end, suddenly a woman touches a stone that sends her into the distant past, when in Scotland there is a civil war. Trying to understand what happened, she meets the irresistible Scotsman Jamie, who falls in love. Young people do not hide their feelings, but Claire is constantly preoccupied with the thought that in 1945, Frank remained. Suddenly, as mysteriously as at the beginning, Claire returns in 1945. The main character will face many difficulties, survive many adventures that make her so native and close to the audience. You have a good opportunity to watch online Outlander Season 3 torrent in good quality for free without registration and moreover all the series.

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