Manifest Season 1
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The Montego 828 flight lands safely after the flight, the crew and passengers go outside and discover that in the past few hours the world has aged for five years, and friends, colleagues and families who initially did not lose hope to see their relatives alive, began to live on.

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Year of release: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: Drama, Detective
Duration: ~ 00:43:00

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Format: AVI
Video: XviD, ~ 1350 kbps, 720x400 (16: 9), 23.976 fps
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Airline Montego Air Fleet carried out another passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Manifest Season 1 Torrent No signs of trouble. Manifest Season 1 Torrent During the flight, the plane got into an insignificant zone of turbulence, which, although not pleasant, is a fairly regular situation in the field of air travel. Everything went without incident, 239 passengers and 9 crew members quietly reached their destination. Manifest Season 1 Torrent But once on the ground, they came across something truly incredible ...

It turned out that five and a half years ago, flight 828 disappeared from radar and the plane never arrived in Beijing. It was concluded that the airliner crashed somewhere over the ocean, and all the passengers were reported missing. Manifest Season 1 Torrent Download Despite the fact that the wreckage of the aircraft was never found, everyone decided that the passengers were killed in a plane crash. Manifest Season 1 Torrent HD However, after more than 5 years, they return. And what was their surprise when they find out that they had long been considered dead, and their families and loved ones began a new life, resigned to the loss. But the strangest thing is that none of the passengers have aged for a single day. Manifest Season 1 Torrent What happened during flight 828? And how now to live to the people who have returned from the category of the dead?

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