Lucifer Season 3
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Bored and miserable master of the underworld, Lucifer Morningstar left his throne and went to modern Los Angeles, where he founded a nightclub "Lux". Charming, charismatic and devilishly attractive Lucifer enjoys his rest - wine, women and music - until a beautiful pop star is killed on the threshold of his club ...

Episodes: 1-24 of 24 full added 24 episodes

• Year of manufacture: 2017
• Country: USA
• Genre: fantasy, drama, crime
• Duration: ~ 00:43:00

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Lucifer Season 3 Torrent In the series we are told the unusual story of the owner of hell - Lucifer. He himself decided to abandon the king's duties and leave the throne in order to poison himself living in Los Angeles in search of complete tranquility and fun. Lucifer Season 3 Torrent There he founds his own night bar Lux, and full of confidence that the underground trouble no longer threatens him, he begins to live to quench his thirst for his own needs. But rest after a glass of martini, luxurious women and music, lasts very short. On the eve, at the entrance to his night bar, a famous pop star was found dead ...

Lucifer Season 3 Torrent There comes an unexpected turning point, and Satan's measured life in Los Angeles is coming to an end. The hero will constantly have to unravel the problems on his hard path, connected with hell, but already in the world of people. Lucifer Season 3 Torrent The intriguing story of the hero, an unforgettable story and exciting confrontations of angels with demons - all this awaits the viewer in the new series "Lucifer".

Lucifer Season 3 Torrent Lucifer Morningstar perfectly settled in Los Angeles. He has his own club, a lot of money, any woman is ready to give himself to him and any man would like to be in his place and Lucifer himself is satisfied with his position, because besides, he is immortal and does not threaten him. The fact is that Lucifer is real to them and he is not a man, but the lord of Hell. Lucifer Season 3 Torrent God Himself appointed him to this post and Lucifer for centuries perfectly coped with his role. But here, he went down for the sake of interest, to rest from the heat of hell to people and he liked them among them, and he refused flatly to return. Watch online series Lucifer Season 3 Torrent for free in good quality. The events in the series have evolved from that part of the story where he meets Chloe. The woman, as he immediately noticed, is definitely different from everyone else.

She does not agree to sex with him, like all the other millions of women he met, and also does not tell him the whole truth, like any other mortal who looked into his eyes. A sexual girl wants to uncover crimes, and Lucifer helps her cope with the tasks for which she undertakes, being a police officer. Lucifer Season 3 Torrent By combining their efforts, they manage to calculate the killer who killed the pop diva at the entrance to the Lucifer club, and then many other criminals. Each new series is an exciting investigation of another murder. Lucifer Season 3 Torrent Between Lucifer and Chloe, a warm, trusting relationship arises. He would like to win her heart, but something is constantly hampering their rapprochement, besides, Chloe has recently separated from her husband and is not ready for a new relationship, and what he himself sees as a foolish joke, although a pragmatic atheist can not fail to note the wonderful abilities of his new friend. Lucifer Season 3 Torrent Lucifer appeals for help to a therapist from time to time, a woman gets sexual satisfaction from him, and after listening to him, gives good advice.

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