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Legion Season 2 Torrent David Heller (Dan Stevens) from a young age suffers from a psychological disorder, he is haunted by terrible visions, he hears voices and from time to time falls into oblivion. His relatives put him in a psychiatric clinic, where the young man is convicted that his problem is simple schizophrenia, which, if not cured, is at least docked and kept under control. However, in fact David is under the supervision of a special government organization that suspects that the ward is a powerful mutant, just as long as Heller himself does not realize his strength. At the peak of the Government Division 3, a detachment of mutants is directly kidnapped from David's hospital, who have their plans for a new comrade. But first we need to understand what happens in the head of a person who does not realize the nature of his power and power over nature.

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Production: USA
Year of manufacture: 2018
Genre: fiction, action, thriller, drama
Duration: ~ 00:59:00

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Legion Season 2 Torrent David Heller is young. However, he faced such a diagnosis that he would never allow him to really enjoy his young years. David at some point became a strange child. Over time, strangeness was growing. A survey of doctors showed that Haller suffers from schizophrenia. All childhood the main character spent in hospitals.

Legion Season 2 Torrent Parents did everything they could to not ruin the child's life. He never had friends, because all peers were not just considered a strange boy, they were afraid of him, not knowing what was happening to Heller. The protagonist remembers every hospital room in which he spent days and weeks. Because he no longer has memories related to his young years. David understood why he had to give up traditional childhood. He himself was not against visiting doctors. Because all the time I thought only about when the illness would go away.

Legion Season 2 Torrent But the years passed, nothing changed. Heller decided to go the other way. This happened after a meeting with a charming girl who saw in David is not a sick person, but just a unique guy. And she considered uniqueness to be his dignity, and not a disease with which to hide. As a result, the main character found only one way out - to learn to live with absolutely every person in his head. All this time he only did that he tried to destroy personalities in himself. But now he is aiming to tame them. After all, who said that the person in the head can not come in handy?

Legion Season 2 Torrent The protagonist plans to use it correctly and for the benefit of every "character" who has been living in it since childhood. He ceases to consider his feature a disease. Rather, it is a unique ability that can be directed to the benefit of people who need help right now. To some extent, a young man becomes a superhero, whose schizophrenia is the key way to help people who can hardly imagine that a sick person is able to help them.

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