Into the Badlands Season 3
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Adventure thriller about two friends. In the wilderness of death, what challenges must be passed on to the main characters in the path of enlightenment. For the sake of gaining the highest wisdom, martial arts master Sunny and his young partner decide to go through the unknown lands. They know that there they will be met with hostility, but for the sake of the highest goal the main characters are ready to endure everything. The plot of the series was based on a Chinese novel entitled "Journey to the West." During the trip, Sunny will show her skills to the full, and his young friend will be able to learn a lot, and owning his own body, and controlling his own spirit.

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Into the Badlands Season 3 Torrent The modern world is destroyed. On the debris of civilization a new ugly system developed. Anarchy, robbery, violence - the country is drowned in the rivers of blood. Seven barons offered protection to the people in exchange for complete submission and refusal of firearms. And people gave themselves into slavery to tyrants in exchange for an illusory opportunity to survive. The country, most of which was a barren desert, was divided between the cruel opium and oil barons.

Each self-proclaimed leader had his own army, consisting of elite fighters. Any of the soldiers is brought up in rigor from the age of ten and was ready to die for his master. Sunny is a clever assassin. Into the Badlands Season 3 Torrent He is one of the clippers of the most influential baron. This is a dangerous, ruthless and loyal killer. Into the Badlands Season 3 Torrent In one of her assignments, Sunny meets with a group of thieves.

Into the Badlands Season 3 Torrent The imprudent vagabonds engaged in battle with the warrior and were defeated. Among the gang's extraction stood a huge chest, upholstered in iron. He was hidden in a young man. The clipper was amazed why the tramps did not kill the teenager, but preferred to hide it. The boy, too, did not know what value he represented. Together with the find the killer continues his exhausting path through the Wasteland in search of answers.

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