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Game of Thrones Season 8 Torrent Download Cersei Lanister is not going to follow the accepted agreements and to help other rulers of Westeros in the fight against the dead. The queen decides to increase her own military power with the help of an army of mercenaries awaiting crossing on the other side of the ocean. The ruler of the royal harbor secretly sends for hired soldiers her new friend, who is the lord of the iron islands. Jamie does not intend to go on about the insidious sister and leaves the palace to fulfill the promise made to the king of the north and his ally, Deineris Targaryen.

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Game of Thrones Season 8 Torrent Download Bard Stark is going to tell the legendary bastard the truth about his origin. John Snow is the birth son of Lily Stark and a representative of the royal family of Targaryen, and this means that John is the true ruler of the seven kingdoms and the heir to the iron throne. John and Deanerys fell in love with each other, which greatly hurt the right hand of the mother of dragons - Tirion Lanister.

The king of the night comes on Winterfell, having captured the dead dragon and, leading a huge army consisting of giants, dead, merciless skeletons, white walkers and other messengers of darkness. Game of Thrones Season 8 Torrent Download Unaware of the advance of the army of the dead, in Winterfele John are awaiting his sisters - Aria and Sans. The coming battle with evil will be the first battle in the war for the land of Westeros between the bloodthirsty dead and desperate living.

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