Dark Matter Season 3
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The crew of the abandoned spaceship awakens from anabiosis, without recollections of who they are and how they climbed aboard. Faced with threats at every turn, they must work together to survive. Their journey is filled with revenge, betrayal and hidden secrets.

Episodes: 1-13 of 13 full added 13 episodes

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Genre: Fantasy
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Exciting fantastic series from the channel Syfy "Dark Matter Season 3 Torrent" is based on the comic books of the publishing house Dark Horse Comics, which were written by the writers of the popular TV series "Stargate". In the center of the plot is a group of six people who come to life aboard an abandoned spaceship. Dark Matter Season 3 Torrent The main characters do not remember who they are, and how they got on board. The only thing that remained in their memories is the skills and knowledge that they possessed prior to this incident.

Having decided in everything to understand, they very quickly realize that they are members of the crew of the ship. Dark Matter Season 3 Torrent For a long time they were in a state of suspended animation, however, when the ship reached a critical state, the security system worked, thanks to which the characters woke up. The only question is: who and why did they erase their memory?

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Let's remember how everything started mysteriously. Endless space, an abandoned ship and six inhabitants that woke up at the same time and do not understand how they ended up on us. Dark Matter Season 3 Torrent And most importantly, all have lost memory until a certain point in their lives. Everyone has his specialty and role in this game.

As later it became clear that they were all members of the pirate ship, which they traded illegally for the sake of profit. A little later, a team that has already realized who it really is, ends up in a jail on Hyperion-8. Dark Matter Season 3 Torrent From there they manage to escape, taking the trophy, the instant engine, they go to Zairon, with the goal of returning the throne to the true heir to the throne.

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