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In the center of attention is the character, whose role was played by Hugh Laurie. Eldon Chance is a neuropsychiatrist who works for a judicial organization. This person is at the epicenter of the conflict associated with corruption in the ruling ranks. The protagonist has to cross the line of his professional commitments for the sake of the request of one insanely attractive patient. However, soon the unhappy Chance falls into the development of the wife of this woman. He is a policeman who is considered one of the toughest and cruelest in his profession.

Episodes: 1-10 of 10 full added 10 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: thriller, drama, detective
Duration: ~ 00:50:00

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In the center of the exciting story was a seemingly ordinary forensic psychiatrist named Eldon. At the moment, the man has a lot of family problems, which he exhausted. Chance Season 2 Torrent Divorce with his wife affected the state of mind. In addition, her daughter began to suffer from a crisis of adolescence. Chance Season 2 Torrent The girl takes everything too close to her heart and suffers greatly from this, thinking that no one understands it.

Chance Season 2 Torrent This moment you just need to go through, and then life will get better again. An experienced doctor should discard all family troubles and concentrate on his difficult work, as the fate of people depends on his decisions and conclusions. Chance Season 2 Torrent One day, Eldon Chance needed an examination of one patient. There are suggestions that this person seriously suffers from a split personality. After the examination, the hero reads his verdict. Chance Season 2 Torrent The husband of this woman is the police detective. When the doctor diagnosed her, the husband was angry, because he did not arrange it. By all accounts, he wanted to force change the diagnosis by force.

But why does he need it? As a result, an unsuspecting psychiatrist was forced into a dangerous game. Chance Season 2 Torrent This eerie story gradually opened the veil of secrecy about how the wrong side of non-legal matters actually looks. Also greed of policemen has opened, they are up to their ears corrupted by corruption. Such dark personalities always achieve their intended goal, and if someone gets in their way, he will greatly regret it. Chance Season 2 Torrent To all these problems one more, no less complicated, was added. Chance Season 2 Torrent The last patient is so beautiful that Eldon unconsciously crosses all the limits of what is permissible. It seems that she won his heart by its attractiveness. Such behavior is extremely unacceptable, but if you are in love, then you forget about all the rules and prohibitions. How will the fate of the protagonist?

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