Berlin Station Season 2
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The protagonist of the series, Daniel Meyer, recently received the post of investigator, arrives at the CIA's headquarters in Berlin to disclose the source of the leak that supplies information to the informer. Under the guidance of an experienced investigator veteran Hector Dejan - a stubborn agent with a gloomy charm that works for the chief of Stephen Frost's residency - Daniel learns the rules of the game in the harsh world of professional agents full of dangers, betrayals, moral compromises.

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Year of manufacture: 2017
Country: USA, Germany
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 00:50:00

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Audio: English (AAC, 2 ch, 192 Kbps)
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Operative CIA Daniel Meyer transferred to Berlin to perform a secret mission. Berlin Station Season 2 Torrent In his new department, not so long ago, a traitor who owns classified information has been wound up, and he regularly merges it with opponents of Germany.

Thanks to the efforts of the "mole" the best resident was exposed, who supplied the government of his country with valuable information. The task of Daniel - to calculate the traitor, and to transfer it to the government. But the more he learns about his new employees, the better he understands that he has to deal not with one secret agent. It seems that a whole group is operating here, and it will have to bring them to the surface. Berlin Station Season 2 Torrent season online free.

Very soon the suspicions of the protagonist were justified, but he could not even imagine where he would get his trace left by a careless suspect. Berlin Station Season 2 Torrent Without waiting for that, he is involved in a real espionage conspiracy led by one of the most influential people in Washington.

From his office this person manages special agents, Berlin Station Season 2 Torrent while at the same time appearing beyond suspicion. In order to cope with such a serious opponent, the hero needs the help of his colleagues, but how to understand which of them can be trusted, if any of them can be sent to a spy as a result?

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