Adventure Time Season 9
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Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

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The series narrates about the extraordinary and happy adventures of two best friends: the boy Finn and his dog Jake. Adventure Time Season 9 Torrent The action of the series takes place in the magical country of Uuu. Finn is a 13-year-old boy who loves to travel and save princesses from the clutches of terrible monsters and villains inhabiting the Land of Uuu. Jake is Finn's best friend. Adventure Time Season 9 Torrent This is a magical dog with the ability to stretch its body to almost any size and shape. Jake is 28 years old and he plays the role of such a friend-mentor Finn, and his magical abilities help the boy in his fight with evil.

Episodes: 1-14 of ?? (save page) added 14 episodes

Country: USA
Production: Cartoon Network
Genre: Cartoon, fantasy, comedy, adventure
Duration: 00:11:00
Year of issue: 2017

Quality: WEB-DL 720p
Format: MKV
Video: 1280x720 (16: 9) at 23.976 fps, High@L3.1, ~ 4000 kbps avg, ~ 0.181bpp
Russian: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2 ch, ~ 192 kbps
English: 48 kHz, AAC Dolby Digital, 2 ch, ~ 160 kbps
Subtitles: Russian (by J-sUn, * .ass), English (* .srt)

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An incredible, bright, colorful, fantastic world, invented by the creators of the new animated series "Adventure Time Season 9 Torrent" is sure to please not only the smallest spectators, but also older children. Adventure Time Season 9 Torrent It was on this counted the creators of the series.

Adventure Time Season 9 Torrent The main characters, 13-year-old teenager Finn and his constant friend, assistant and mentor, funny dog ​​Jake live in the fabulous state of Uuu. Everything here is very much like our modern world. Adventure Time Season 9 Torrent Children also adore video games, skate and listen to cool music. But every inhabitant of this state has also a variety of incredible abilities that make their world much more amusing.

For example, Jake seems to be made of rubber. If necessary, it can take any form and change in size. But all the creatures inhabiting this world, including monsters, are distinguished by kindness. Here vampires do not drink blood, but just a red color. Adventure Time Season 9 Torrent A huge, terrible 20-meter giant is always tormented by heartburn from the fact that a merry family of hedgehogs is crouching in his stomach. Adventure Time Season 9 Torrent

Adventure Time Season 9 Torrent Well, the favorite occupation of the main characters is the rescue of Adventure Time Season 9 Torrent Watch Now For Free Online the princesses from the terrible, rubber paws of all these terrible monsters and every help to any inmates of the fairy world who are in trouble. 

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