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Title: Win 10 Tweaker
Publication Type: Portable
Function: Optimize Windows
Developer: XpucT
Platform: x64 - Windows 10
Version: 3.0

Language: English/Russian
Tablet: Not required

System requirements:
Windows 10 x64

Win 10 Tweaker does not require installation, runs from any media and leaves no traces in the system.

Win 10 Tweaker is a small but very powerful program that allows you to make a complete optimization of Windows 10 in a few clicks. Do not let the dust in the eyes of useless settings, and each item contains a detailed hint-description. Any action is performed without external modules, by the program itself and Windows 10, so antiviruses do not swear on Win 10 Tweaker.

• The program does not let the dust in the eyes, showing useless possibilities.
Win 10 Tweaker contains only the most requested parameters and options. Many parameters include
dozens of others in order to save time on tick selection, and, again, not to let
dust in the eyes of the user.

• Each tweak item has a detailed hint description when you hover over it.

• Win 10 Tweaker is free from additional modules such as nircmd, self-extracting archives
SFX and the libraries that other tweeters need. The program contains everything you need for
application settings on the fly. If the user does not need something, the system will not be contaminated either
single byte. And due to the fact that the program fully works without external software, antiviruses
Do not swear on Win 10 Tweaker.

• Unlike other programs, Win 10 Tweaker does not create a restore point, in addition
scoring system tens of megabytes of garbage in the folder WinSXS.

• Win 10 Tweaker does not just roll back the action, if you remove the checkmark, but restores
system values. This can be useful for those who do not know how to get back what the other tweaker has broken.

• Win 10 Tweaker includes support for the user. If you can not apply a tweak,
You will be able to see a video instruction near the point where the tweak failed.
There will also be a registry icon that will allow you to move to the problem branch of the registry.

• The program has the fastest and most convenient update system. It's enough to check for updates
in the "About" window and click OK to have the program refresh instantly and start again.

*Version 3.0
Added the possibility of backup / restore system
Added separate options for restoring each item to system values
A tick removed from any point does not cause any action

Run setup.exe
Install Software


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