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VMware Workstation 14.0.0 Pro build 6661328 for Linux
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Issue Year: 2017
Version: 14.0.0 Build 6661328
Developer: EMC / VMWare
Developer Website: https://www.vmware.com/products/workstation.html

System requirements: 64 bit host OS
RAM: 2GB minimum / 4GB recommended
HDD: Installation Workstation: 1.5 GB for the application itself. Each virtual machine needs its own place.
Architecture: amd64
Crack: present
Language: English
MD5: 8fc9d58ddd29a2c220df8318556405fa

Description: A program for creating several virtual computers in one system. VMware Workstation allows, working in the same operating system (for example, Windows 10), at the same time to work in Windows 7, FreeBSD, Linux, etc. - without having to allocate individual resources for operating systems and restart the computer when switching from one OS to another. The application allows, in fact, from several computers to receive several at once, and, if necessary, these virtual computers can be completely isolated from each other, or, conversely, can be combined into a virtual local area network.

Extras. information:
New features of version 14.
Changes in the 14.0.

Patches for new Linux kernels can always be found here: http://rglinuxtech.com/?cat=25 or by searching through Google: for example, Workstation 14.0.0 kernel 4.14 patch

The torrent'e bundle file for x86-64 (i686 is not supported). To run it, run the following commands:

chmod +x *.bundle


sudo ./name.bundle

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