SoftMaker Office Professional 2018 rev 933 0620-X-NET
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Developer: SoftMaker
Year: 2018
Release: 2018 rev 933.0620
Language: Russian, English
Tablet: not required (the installer is already treated)

System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64-bit)

Softmaker Office 2018 software package, the main development of Softmaker GmbH, is an excellent replacement for Microsoft Office. A package of office programs in one or another composition is needed in organizations and at home on a personal computer to improve, optimize, facilitate documentation, control and accounting processes, automate office work. You, as well as in the known office suite, can work and exchange Excel books, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Work with Softmaker Office 2018 and you will feel that your work has become much more productive. The application interface package is translated into many languages ​​and Russian among them.

Main features:
Low system requirements
High speed of the program
Fully compatible with all Microsoft Office file formats
Support for new Microsoft Office 2007 formats
Saving any documents in PDF format
Ability to create a portable version
Built-in VBA programming language
Toolbar is similar to the familiar and user-friendly interface
Russian-speaking interface
Four tools: TextMaker, PlanMaker, Presentations and BasicMaker

TextMaker 2018
The modern text application TextMaker 2018 allows you to create documents of any size in the shortest possible time - whether it's leaflets, a brochure, a business letter or a full scientific article. Due to the proper use of the DOCX file format, your documents are always compatible with Microsoft Word.

PlanMaker 2018
A powerful spreadsheet program PlanMaker 2018 allows you to create calculations, worksheets and diagrams of any complexity: from simple graphics to complete financial planning for your company. The program uses the XLSX file format initially, and you can edit Microsoft Excel files.

Presentations 2018
Create impressive presentations with Presentations 2018. With exciting animation and slide translations and a thoughtful home page concept, you'll be well prepared for every presentation. Since the presentation uses the format of the PPTX file initially, document exchange with PowerPoint is completely without problems.

Thunderbird "powered by SoftMaker"
Thunderbird competently takes care of your e-mails, tasks and meetings. The feature set of this popular program has been expanded into SoftMaker with practical functions - Thunderbird "based on SoftMaker" saves you time when you manage e-mail messages and mail folders!

New in version:
2018-06-21: Revision 933

All programs
Function: The "License management" dialog now shows which version of SoftMaker Office 2018 (standard, professional, etc.) is currently running.
SoftMaker Office applications can no longer close when the dialog box is opened.
When you switch to full-screen mode, you could lose the Windows taskbar.
Function: File | The drop-down menu "Open" now has an additional entry at the bottom, which allows you to view the documents.
The Noto Sans Arabic font has been updated, so Arabic question marks are displayed when the Arabic user interface is active.
In some systems, compound characters can no longer be entered, starting with version 928.
In some systems, em-dash can no longer be entered using the Compose key.
Japanese text input using fcitx-mozc again works.
PDF files with embedded OpenType PS fonts are now correctly displayed in the preview of MacOS PDF.
Function: whenever SoftMaker Office for Linux crashes, you now have the option to send a crash report to SoftMaker, which will allow us to quickly find the problem.
Starting with build 17134 from Windows 10, the taskbar can become invisible when it was configured to automatically hide, and SoftMaker Office works with bright tapes and maximum windows.

Function: you can now open password-protected DO.CX files with a modified password protection (custom values ​​for SHA and LNG salts).
The TMDX file format can now store language codes for the German language using the old (before 1996) spelling.
Function: images from https websites can now be inserted from Firefox in Fedora and openSUSE (this already worked in Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint).
Function: now the command "Convert Thunderbird Address Book" is also available on the tape.
In some situations, Duden Korrektor did not read all the words from the user dictionary before starting the spelling check.
In some situations, text frames can be discarded when stored in TMDX format.
In some cases, the order of figures in the Arabic text was abolished.
The base level of the form controls now aligns with the surrounding text.
Function: now you can see all the options for checking Duden Korrektor in File | Options | Language.
Function: TextMaker now starts up more quickly due to improvements in how Duden Korrektor is initialized.
Some foreign words are no longer labeled by Duden Korrektor as "foreign".
Entering delays with the installed Duden Korrektor
Time gaps are sometimes lost when saved in TMDX format.
Enhanced export of EPUB
Function: with extended support for Arabic, icons for changing the direction of recording are automatically added to the tape.
In some situations, storing in the TMDX or DOCX format deleted the link between the footnote numbers and the footnote text.

The negative offsets for the shadows in the diagrams are now saved.
The icons for replacing / decreasing the number of decimal places are now replaced.

The Restore Layout command now also restores the footer replacement elements.
If the footer separators are removed from the main wizard, they will also not be created in the layouts

Run setup.exe
Install software


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