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Microsoft Office 2016 Standard RePack (2017.12)
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Microsoft Office 2016 Standard 16.0.4591.1000 RePack by KpoJIuK (2017.12)

Year of manufacture: 2017
Version: 16.0.4591.1000
Address of. site: Microsoft
Assembly Build: by KpoJIuK
Language: Russian / English / Ukrainian
Crack: not required (the installer is already treated)

System requirements:
An x86 or x64 processor with a clock speed of 1 GHz and support for the SSE2 instruction set.
2 GB of RAM is recommended for use of graphics capabilities, instant search features Outlook and some advanced features.
3.0 GB of free hard disk space.
The resolution of the screen is 1280 x 800. To use hardware graphics acceleration, you need a graphics card with DirectX10 support.
Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 10 Server,
Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft Office 2016 demonstrates how the approach to creating documents and working with them has changed today.
Many of us begin work on one computer, continue it on another, and demonstrate it on the third, incidentally having time to make small changes for the laptop, on the tablet or even a smartphone.
Therefore, Office 2016 tried to make it conceptually different.
Virtually all the key elements in it were developed from scratch, and applications are focused on a single style of operation regardless of the hardware platform.
They are designed to provide the usual functionality on any device, automatically adjusting its interface to the parameters of the current screen and available system resources.

CRC32: 2891CF62
MD5: 07BB3F0C66B8AA591E0CDCED845AF393
SHA-1: 1FB7E636DBED750E11FE3CA88C305717C8412045

MD5: 0EEF94F6B8721C977CA9A8BF43CBA63B
SHA-1: 9C1D02480A1F80456D43FF43846301EE44CB603A

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