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The program version:
Official website: Macpaw
Language: Russian, English, Ukrainian

Treatment: not required (the installer is already treated)
Type of medicine: file replacement

System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-bit or 64-bit, requires .NET Runtime 3.0)

CleanMyPC cleans the computer of unnecessary files, system debris, remnants of previously deleted applications and frees disk space, and also provides faster operation of Windows. Also the product allows you to safely and permanently delete files from disk, manage browser extensions and plug-ins, desktop gadgets, clean the registry, clean personal data from browsers, completely remove installed applications, and manage programs from autorun. Much attention is paid to the interface - thanks to this CleanMyPC not only works well, but also looks great, it's nice and easy to work with.

Additional Information:
Main features:
• My Computer - cleaning up your computer from temporary and useless files (digital garbage), including cleaning personal data (traces of work on the computer).

• Hibernation - Control (on / off) of the hibernation mode is relevant for laptops. Hibernate mode saves information about open documents and programs on the hard drive, and then turns off the computer. The mode consumes the least amount of energy, providing you with comfortable working conditions (after switching on the power again you get to the environment from which you left).

• Maintenance of the registry - removing erroneous and unnecessary entries from the registry, which positively affects the stable operation of the system.

• Permanently delete programs - remove unnecessary applications with all their resources and additional files. The removal is carried out in two steps. Step one - run the original uninstallation wizard, which deletes the main parts of the application and the elements of the file structure. Step two - scan the system registry and remove the remnants (traces) of the application.

• Gadgets and extensions - display all installed in the system gadgets (applications) Windows, as well as plug-ins and browser extensions, including additional toolbars, which have an advertising and, possibly, malicious character. It supports the removal of unnecessary gadgets, plug-ins and extensions.

• Autorun - manage applications that run automatically when the system starts. It supports the removal of unnecessary applications.

• Protection of personal information - display of all confidential information (traces of work on the computer). It is possible to delete this information of your choice.

• Permanently delete files - delete the selected folders and files without the possibility of their subsequent recovery (protection of confidential information from unauthorized access).

• Support for an exclusion list - folders and files added to the exclusion list will never be scanned or cleared.

• Support for cleaning from digital debris USB-flash drives and external hard drives.

• Support cleaning of the basket when filling above the set volume.

• Support for notifications and audible alarms

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