AIMP 4 51 Build 2077 Final X-NET
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Software version: 4.51 Build 2077 Final
Interface language: English, and others
Treatment: not required

System requirements:
Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (8.1) / Windows 10
Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768

AIMP - a player that includes many additional modules: CD-Ripper, Tag Editor, Audio-player, audio converter, recording audio and data discs, etc. Plays a lot of audio formats, including WAV, MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WMA, UMX, without the need for additional codecs. Has a stylish multilingual interface.

What's new in version:
+ Audio converter: new encoding mode - "one folder - one resultant"
+ Sound Effects: added the ability to delete silence for more than 0.5 seconds
+ Sound effects: now you can set different pre-amplification for the value from the tags and analysis on the fly
+ Tag editor: auto-numbering from a certain number
+ Tag editor: support commands "delete the word left / right of the cursor" in the input fields
+ Lyrics: support for lyrics embedded in the CUE
+ Plugins: added visualization showing the album cover
Skin by default
: the ability to select the text size for the text box of the song
Music library
: table - the ability to select an action on a double click on a record in the table
Music library
: table - now cards are grouped by the first field
Music library
: core - increased performance of the database engine
- Fixed: general - the icons in the dialogs are very small if the application is launched on a monitor with a scale of at least 200%
- Fixed: audio converter - does not work "physical deletion of source files" in case of converting the set from CUE
- Fixed: audio converter - the calculation of the overall progress did not take into account the duration of each file
- Fixed: audio converter - statistics do not take into account all parts of the output file if it was divided into several physical files during conversion
- Fixed: player - in some cases the function "continue playing playlists from their place of stop" was not working correctly
- Fixed: tag editor - incorrect transition to the next file in the list, if the variable field participates in sorting data in the table
- Fixed: tag editor - the "album artist" field can not be read from files in the OPUS format
- Fixed: skin engine - scaling text in the library / playlist does not work correctly on systems with high DPI, if the skin does not support scaling
- Fixed: skin engine - fixed minor bugs and remarks
- Fixed: music library - sometimes the program could hang when background operations were canceled
- Fixed: music library - does not work grouping / filtering on the column "copyrights"
- Fixed: music library - quick search on the group tree affects all data sources at once
- Fixed: plugins - inputFFmpeg - instead of the bitrate of the audio stream, the total bitrate of the file is displayed
- Fixed: plugins - - the program crashed when the window with information about the track was automatically displayed when the program was started
- Fixed minor bugs and notes

Skin-engine: the possibility of using the old scaling mechanism
Skin-engine: the upper threshold for the scaling factor was raised to 500%
Fixed: audio converter - the default template for the console encoder FAAC (regression)
Fixed: skin engine - fixed known bugs
Fixed: smart playlists - in some cases, the meta-data of tracks during synchronization is not updated
Fixed: player - not updated information about the track being played for streams in OGG / FLAC / OPUS format
Fixed: playlist - does not create an automatic bookmark for the current playlist at the end of the program
Fixed: tag editor - fields with multiple values ​​are read from M4A incorrectly in certain cases
Fixed: tag editor - "all words with a capital" function does not work correctly in some cases
Fixed: plugins - inputFFmpeg - information about ReplayGain is not read from the file tags in the OPUS format
Fixed minor bugs and notes

Run setup.exe
Install software


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