2xHD - 2xHD - Audiophile Speaker Set-Up (tracks + .cue) FLAC
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Manufacturer: 2xHD
Manufacturer's website: http://www.hdtracks.com/audiophile-speaker-set-up
Year of manufacture: 2018
English language
Rip type: tracks + .cue
Audio Codec: FLAC
Audio: 24/96

This compilation was created to help the audiophile determine the optimal locations for installing speakers of its audio system in order to get a better sound. More than 115 minutes of music, sound samples and tips for setting up speakers.

The album includes 13 tracks of voice instructions for placement and adjustment of loudspeakers, which are also reproduced in the accompanying brochure on page 61 with vivid, useful illustrations. The remaining 56 tracks contain musical and sound fragments with a wide dynamic range (from 20 Hz to 50 kHz) for critical evaluation of the positioning of the speakers, as well as wonderful music tracks for listening.
Also at the end of the collection are records designed to evaluate the maximum bass output of the system.

According to René Laflamme, one of the founders of the studio, the work took about 100 hours, which included recording and mastering.

2xHD is the union of musician, producer, composer, recording engineer André Perry and sound engineer René Laflamme. To the opinion of the latter, such component producers as dCS, Nagra and Kronos Audio are listening.

The 2xHD uses its own mastering technology of the same name, which includes "the advantages of symbiosis of the best analog technologies with digital, but without digital noise." Of the equipment in the studio, use a modified Nagra HD DAC lamp to create the most analog sound from the digital source and the Merging Technologies Horus ADC to convert the signal to DSD 11.2.

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