Why Him? (2016)
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The head of the family comes into opposition with the young and rich guy of his daughter.

Country: United States, Cambodia
Genre: Comedy
Year of manufacture: 2016
Duration: 1:51:15

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The 55-year-old owner of a modest printing house in Michigan, Ben Fleming, does not like a soul in his daughter Stephanie. Why Him? (2016) Torrent But the girl grew up, went to the west coast to study at the College of Arts and got out of parental control. On the eve of the next Christmas, under very piquant circumstances, parents learn that Stephanie meets a young man, and the Fleming family has to go to California to meet the holiday with her daughter and her chosen one. Why Him? (2016) Torrent It's just a trip to Los Angeles is a real catastrophe - Ben is just not ready to betray the fate of his pet in the hands of an incomprehensible boyfriend who earns millions on the Internet, but does not understand anything about the family life of an ordinary American family from the Midwest.

"To understand the depth of the picture, you need to be immersed in the subject" - not the best characteristic for the film, but nothing can be done about this formula, sometimes the tape opens up much more fully if the viewer not only watches what is happening in the frame, but also takes experiences of heroes through some personal experience. Why Him? (2016) Torrent The recent "Arrival", for example, with all its philosophical and fantastic component, became a genuine gift for linguists, semantics and philologists, "Furious" is much more interesting for those who understand the car, but not fans of gardening, and in manga and anime to people who do not who imagine the culture of Japan and Korea, it is better not to put in at all, only time will be wasted. Why Him? (2016) Torrent So, it would seem that the comedy of John Hamburg, "Why He?" Is simple, like a three-kopeck, will open its second bottom only to fathers whose daughters stand on the brink of marriage, and not everyone can overcome this period of life with dignity.

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