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The Shadow Effect (2017)
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A young man's life is turned upside down when his violent dreams begin to blend with reality.

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This story is about an elite mercenary named Gabriel, who lost his memory and can not remember what happened last night. In this field, he quarrels with his wife and simply begins to lose his mind. The Shadow Effect (2017) torrent watch Our hero goes to Dr. Rhys, hoping to understand what is happening to him, but this only worsens his condition. He opens a conspiracy against himself, in which he is used as a puppet and gives orders to kill whom. Gabriel does not want to put up with this and decided to stop this experiment on himself. He goes to the end and no one is able to stop him.

The science fiction action movie The Shadow Effect (2017) torrent online, represents mysterious events that occurred with the protagonist who was under the sights of a government program pursuing selfish and future destructive consequences. The film shows facts unknown to ordinary people, no one knows what is happening outside the research centers, engaged in the development of various types of weapons, which the authorities in every way supports and finances.

And if earlier they were various cold and nuclear species, today cyber and biological developments are popular. How widely their application is difficult to say, but when for this people use the brain activity of a person, influencing it in various ways, it becomes really scary. The Shadow Effect (2017) torrent download We learn the true truth if we watch a television movie online, but for now it is only known that a young guy Gabriel began to suffer strange visions, aggression, while frightening his wife with this behavior. His cold-blooded murders are clearly connected with reality, that's just how, he does not understand how this happened to him and decides to turn to an experienced doctor.

Despite his youth, Dr. Reese is smart and talented. When it turns out that the imagination of Howarts is a phenomenon of The Shadow Effect torrent hd and mirrors government crimes, the countdown begins. The main character is to be saved himself and not let Brinn harm. Hope only for Riza, who decided to stop the ruthless experimental program of the government by any means, knowing the key to the solution.

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