Live by Night (2016)
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The action takes place in America in times of dry law. The protagonist of the picture, the son of a policeman, earns bootlegging, as a result of which he is involved in the life of the criminal world.

Country: USA
Genre: drama, crime
Year of manufacture: 2016
Duration: 2:08:52

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Participation in the First World War instills in the Irish Boston Joe Coffin (Ben Affleck) such contempt for order and authorities that after demobilization he becomes a bandit and a thief, although his father serves as the captain of the police. Live by Night (2016) torrent Coughlin expects to never obey anyone again, but through his own fault he is forced to become a member of the Italian mafia, which directs him to Florida to organize the supply of Cuban rum in the midst of the Live by Night (2016) torrent. When the team of Coughlin is successful, his criminal business is trying to "squeeze out" members of the Ku Klux Klan, for whom it is intolerable to see cooperating and rich Catholics and blacks.

The new crime drama of Ben Affleck as a director, screenwriter and starring actor positions himself as another gangster movie about the times of the Live by Night (2016) torrent and the Great Depression, when even good people in the soul had to compromise with their conscience and commit bloody crimes. John Coughlin tries to kill only those who deserve it, and cash in on only those vices that do not seem to him deadly (he trades in alcohol, but does not associate with heavy drugs). Live by Night (2016) torrent He also keeps loyalty to close people, even when they betray him. Which, of course, is not the most wise behavior in the era when the gangster needed paranoia and ruthlessness.

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