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In the Town of Derry, the local kids are disappearing one by one, It Torrent leaving behind bloody remains. In a place known as 'The Barrens', a group of seven kids are united by their horrifying and strange encounters with an evil clown and their determination to kill It.

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He does not have a name. It Torrent Download Nobody knows where the process started. Escape from his persecution is almost impossible, unless you pass the chain "infection" to the next victim. It all started with the fact that a nice stranger suggested the girl to have fun. It Torrent HD To miss a pleasant interlocutor and not enjoy his closeness is an unacceptable decision for a young person. So she will visit his arms only once, and after that the young man with a violent fantasy will simply tie her to the chair and make someone wait.

Did the girl make a mistake in choosing a partner and came across a maniac? She is not at all pleased with the promises of the agitated gentleman that very soon he will let her go, you just have to wait until It appears in sight. Attempts to get out of tight puts turn into failure, and now she hears someone's steps. It Torrent HD Slowly, but purposefully, a stranger comes to her. And then the boy feverishly begins to explain to the captive that from now on she will have to flee from some being reincarnating into different images and trying to catch up with someone who has gone through an intimacy with an unexplained illness. A girl, however, can "reward" her some simpleton, It Torrent Download but if the persecutor manages to kill him, the threat will again fall on the one who was the penultimate in this vicious circle.

In the American town of Derry began to find the corpses of adults. The police could not find the killers, and the rumors spread about the town. It Torrent Online The statistics itself was against the settlement - the number of murders exceeded the average American level by as much as six times. Some clarity came when a ten-year-old Billy made a paper boat to please his younger brother Georgie. The head of the water carried the boat towards the water drain, but the kid tried to save his precious gift. It Torrent For Free Suddenly, from the sewer, it appeared, which grabbed the child. Billy and his comrades saw this attack, but did not manage to come to the aid of the brother.

The search for the kid did not lead to anything. It Torrent He seemed to disappear into the air. The stories of the guys about the monster, which appeared from the sewers, no one simply did not believe, considering it as stupid children's fictions. A year later the picture in the city of Derry continued to remain as gloomy - adults continued to die and children disappear. It Torrent The search did not lead to anything and only fueled panic. It Torrent But Billy and his friends showed a mind that all grown-ups would envy-they put on the map of the city places where children were lost and adults were killed. After that it became clear - the invisible killer lives in the sewer.

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