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A scientist with the ability to enter the subconscious minds of the possessed must save a young boy from the grips of a demon with powers never seen before, while facing the horrors of his past.

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In his youth, Seth survived the terrible accident that took the lives of his closest people, and it all made invalid. But not only life in a wheelchair was the consequence of the tragedy, having lost the ability to walk, Seth gained the opportunity to cast out evil spirits from the possessed. He does not, all the exorcists, he has his own method, which helps in cases where church leaders are powerless. Seth enters the consciousness possessed by evil spirits man, and expels them from the inside. But one day he will meet with the child, who is elected by its vessel is too ancient and powerful evil. Seth understands that to cope with this evil it will be very difficult, but he also knows that he must do everything to defeat it, because this is the spirit that is guilty in one long accident maimed him for life and stole his wife and child .

He - not the exorcist. He has his own methods to drive out evil, to settle in humans. But, entering the consciousness of 11-year-old boy, he realized that he had never encountered such a strong opponent - an ancient and powerful demon, came from the deep past ...

The main character is not the first time, to deal with the devilish tricks. He has his own methods of dealing with evil forces. He must act carefully so as not to harm the baby. His unformed psyche can not withstand much pressure. The protagonist easily got into the child's consciousness. It turned out that he had to destroy the devil, who once killed his entire family. Once upon a time exorcist has struggled with it, but the demon was stronger. In this battle, the hero must win, otherwise he can die ...

Young people are located in a wheelchair for many years. Once he discovered his gift exorcist. He feels a great inner strength. Even physically healthy people can not compete with him. He is endowed with the ability to penetrate into the consciousness of a stranger, and to discover in it the demons, and to deal with them. Until the last moment the bill was in its favor. But once to him for help addressed the young woman who told me that penetrated diabolical creature in its nine-year child. The family attempted to cure him, but could not cope with such a scourge.


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