Fist Fight (2017)
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When one school teacher gets the other fired, he is challenged to an after-school fight.

"Come on, we shall understand after school" - think of this phrase is inherent only to students of the school? Fist Fight (2017) Torrent Certainly not! The filmmakers decided to dream up on if you decide after school "understand" the teachers themselves.

The plot of the film is that the humble Fist Fight (2017) Torrent English teacher under suspicion that he contributed to the dismissal of his colleague. Well, the last wish to address this issue by means of fists.

In the film Fist Fight (2017) Torrent how can fight the teacher? And how! Andy Campbell - a gentle, educated and tactful teacher, did not immediately didn't like his colleague Ron Strickland. It bears little resemblance to the teacher - threatening, rude, he uses in his speech, profanity ... He can not teach children, and has no right to be among the teaching staff.


All this, Andy is trying to tell the school principal, but Ron soon learns that he brings to it. Ron immediately causes it to match men, but how fragile Andy can resist such a bully? He tries to convince his colleague to fight, but Ron did not stop. Rumors of the school conflict spread rapidly, and that parking near the school has gathered quite a crowd. About the confrontation between the two teachers have known for all students, the teacher they shoot on video, and enjoy sharing valuable information. Fist Fight (2017) Torrent.


However, Ron disassembly little one, he wants to get rid of Andy forever and opens a real hunt for the poor teacher. Andy does not know how to act, the other colleagues did not interfere in the conflict, to fight he can not and Rescue openly laughing into the phone, when he finds out the problem. Who will win this battle of the teacher - common sense or brute force? This was in the film Fist Fight (2017) Torrent.

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