Altitude (2017)
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After an unsuccessful operation to free the hostages, an experienced FBI agent (Denise Richards) was transferred to Washington for paper work.
Altitude Torrent During the flight she meets a man who offers her a good reward for helping her survive this flight. But who is this mysterious passenger and what will she choose ...

Country: USA
Genre: Action, Thriller
Year of manufacture: 2017
Duration: 1:27:57

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Video format: AVI
Video: XviD, 720x304 (2.36: 1), 23.976 fps, ~ 1800 kbps
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Gretchen is a pretty young woman who in the past decided that she could become a good FBI agent, she managed to finish the academy, and when she started to perform her duties, many men who worked with her were not very friendly to her. Altitude Torrent HD The heroine wrote this off to the fact that they considered her much weaker and less experienced than herself, but she tried not to pay attention to their jerks. When she was near a building in which an armed man held several hostages, Altitude Torrent Download Gretchen decided to show everything she was capable of.

She contacted the criminal and persuaded him that he would like to have fun with him on the phone, chatting on intimate topics, so the heroine wanted to win a little time, Altitude Torrent Download hoping that her colleagues would quickly come up with a way out of this difficult situation. And as soon as Gretchen realized that the agents were ready to kill this person with whom she spoke on the phone, she first stated that this was a bad idea, Altitude Torrent HD because the hostages might suffer, and then rushed into the building, nobody had time to stop it.

The operation ended in the fact that the man who had seized the hostages was detained, but the heroine's boss was very angry with her. He said that she disobeyed the order, so she would be discharged, she would be best off to another city, where paper work is already waiting for her. Altitude Torrent HD Gretchen had no right to argue, so she bought a ticket and climbed the plane.

At first she encountered a man who wore a pistol, and when she was transferred to the first class due to the fact that some guy took her place, the heroine met Terry, who gave the impression of a very wealthy man. Altitude Torrent Download Gretchen talked to him, and when he was very frightened, she tried to understand what had happened to him. Terry said that the aircraft will soon be seized, if the heroine will help him get out of it alive, he will pay her $ 50 million.

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