X-COM: Apocalypse (1997) PC
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Year of manufacture: 1997.
Genre: Turn-based tactics, tactics in real time
Developer: Mythos Games
Publisher: MicroProse
License: Unofficial
Language: English and Russian
Platform: DOS and Microsoft Windows

System requirements:
* 80486 100+ MHz
* 8 MB of RAM
* At least 20 MB HDD

Description: The plot of the third X-COM takes us to 2084, when the planet Earth is experiencing a global environmental disaster. Mankind is intensively looking for new habitats in space, and Erasium-115 is actively mined on Mars. Due to the total unfitness to life of most of the Earth's surface, people huddle in a single hyper-city - Megaprayem, fenced off by external conditions with special filtration walls. Inside the city is divided into several districts: elite, industrial, scientific, business center and slums.

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In the latter live three warring factions and a real mafia. In order to enclose decent areas from the pernicious influence of the urban cloaca, the slum area is also fenced with walls from the rest of the city. However, this does not prevent the bandits from committing regular criminal attacks. With them, the police are actively fighting - Megapol. In addition, in Megaprayima, internal evil is flourishing - the neurocronical drug Psyclone, an extremely expensive and unusually pernicious drug.

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