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Year of manufacture: 1999.
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Blizzard
Publisher: Blizzard
Publication Type: Unofficial (RePack)
Language: English only
Game version: 1.16.1
Crack: sewing
Platform: Windows

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Keyboard, mouse.

Installation: Start. Confirm. 1 minute is waiting. On the desktop is an icon of the installed game.

Extras. Info: Without dancing with a tambourine. The bug at the beginning of installation does not affect anything, everything works.
It is useful mode compatibility with Windows 95 and installation in 256 colors.

The Terran campaign.

In this campaign, you join the Expeditionary Fleet of the United Earth Directorate, sent to take control of the Koprulu sector. Their willful actions, however, are armed with several factions of zerg and protoss. The first defeated enemy is Dominion Mengsk, and subsequently they manage to seize and telepathic control over the local zerg. Kerrigan manages to convince Raynor to save Mengsk. And in spite of the fact that the spy of the Zerg spy Samir Duran got into the ranks of the Zerg, having caused a split in the faction, the Directorate eventually manages to capture and enslave the new Overmind, thereby gaining control over many Zerg swarms.

The Zerg campaign.

In the sixth episode, Kerrigan, with the help of the liberated Cerebrite, tries to establish his authority over Roy. Imagining himself as a victim, and from the combined forces of the Zerg and OZD - a big threat to all life in the sector (and using a number of threats and hostage-taking), Kerrigan manages to enlist the support of the scattered troops of the Terans, Protoss and Dark Templar. When OCH suffered a series of major defeats, Kerrigan quickly turned against her former "allies", killing them one by one. The new Overmind was destroyed, and Kerrigan gained control of the Zerg.

In this campaign, Duran was an ally of Kerrigan, but later in a secret mission, the Dark Ones revealed that he was a much greater force than originally thought. It also becomes known that he created a large number of zerg-protoss hybrids. It is assumed that these hybrids will play a big role in the next part of the game.

Campaign Protoss.

In the fourth episode, refugee protoss, led by Artanis and Zeratul, retreat to the homeland of the Dark Templar, Shakuras, despite the protests of Aldaris. The Zergians follow them. The Protoss and the Dark Templar are reluctant to unite with Kerrigan after she explains that even though she is no longer under the control of the Overmind, a new Supermind is growing on Chara, who will be able to take control of her again. Kerrigan asks protoss to destroy him before he reaches maturity. Protoss, however, ask for a return service. Two ancient crystals, saturated with the power of the Dark Templar and the Templar caste, were necessary in order to activate the ancient Xel'naga temple on Shakuras and thus destroy all the Zerg on the planet.

With the help of Kerrigan, they manage to capture both crystals. Upon the return of the Executor's troops to Shakuras, it becomes known that Aldaris raised an uprising against the "treacherous" Dark Templars because of their alliance with Kerrigan. The uprising is suppressed, and Kerrigan personally kills Aldaris. She explains that her true motives were to destroy the cerebrates on Shakuras and get control of the zerg before leaving the planet.

Despite the fact that Zeratul and Artanis knew that the activation of the Xel'nag temple would only strengthen Kerrigan's position, they still had to unite the crystals. The two energies mixed up and erased all the zerg from the face of the planet, thus saving the surviving Protoss from a sure death.

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