Night in the Woods
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Year: 2017
Genre: Adventure
Platform: PC
Publication Type: Informal
Language: English
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System requirements:
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel i5
Video Card: Intel HD 4000
Disk Space: 8 GB

Children grow up in a hurry, so you can do want, rather than what is told to adults. And only when they grow up, they realize that true freedom was left there in carefree school years. Night in the Woods torrent That is what happened to May: after studying for three semesters, she flew out of college and decided to return. And not just any home, but in a perfect carefree adolescence! She believed that everything remains the same as half a year ago ...

Everyone wants Mae - a long time to hang out with friends, and do not care that they are losers. Night in the Woods torrent And she wants to roam around the city, playing the bass guitar, wearing a rebellious T-shirts, baseball bat smashing rubbish bins, impertinent passersby, arguing with parents, knead donuts in unlimited quantities and still do a lot of things. The main thing that it was like a senseless possible.

Mae does not wish to take crucial decisions, does not seek to "look for their place in life," as taldychat-boring adults. Night in the Woods torrent And why, anyhow ever happen end of the world, and we all die. You can even speed up the process. For example, to lock themselves in the house and set fire to it. But laziness.

With the move might think that Night in the Woods should be first and foremost about how cleverly eccentric cat rushes across rooftops, climbing trees and jumping over the wire. But a year after the successful campaign on Kickstarter developers focus of attention has shifted from the unpretentious arcade-platform brainteasers (although not without cost) to the florid dialogues and creating a sense of growing depression. Night in the Woods torrent And we will solve puzzles, and often wield a baseball bat - it is better not pull Mei once again by the tail!

But the main message - fleeting time. When your favorite people and things go into oblivion, things are changing - and not always as we would like. Night in the Woods torrent This is a story about how we cling to a straw, when there are flies all to hell. And that sometimes you can not fix.

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