Expeditions: Viking (2017) PC
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Release date: April 27, 2017
Genre: RPG / Strategy / Turn-Based / Indie
Publication Type: RePack
Language: Russian, English, MULTi5
Crack: Enclosing (CODEX)

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q9400 2.66 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
Disk space: 12 GB

If we start already a story about the Expedition itself, then there is exactly one problem with it - it is quite difficult to determine its genre affiliation. Expeditions: Viking (2017) PC torrent Let's just say - it's a simulator of the life of a small village's yarla. A cocktail of RPGs, strategy, tactics and management.

The plot of the game is straightforwardly simple. You are the son of the jarl of a small village. Your father was a fearless warrior, but a fairly mediocre ruler. Expeditions: Viking (2017) PC torrent His life ended prematurely during the raid on England. Now you are in the family for the elder. In your care, there is an elderly mother and an impudent brother who is more creative than a war. In addition to them, you can count on the support of only a couple of friends. To begin your reign, you will be on a triad for the departed father, where your neighbors came.

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The goal at the initial stage of the game becomes understandable literally at once, for it is quite simple. Trying to keep his Jarl chair under his Scandinavian back. The heavy daily routine of the ruler begins immediately for you, because there are quite a few people who think that the ruler's chair is not your size. Expeditions: Viking (2017) PC torrent To prove this to you will be tried not only by good neighbors, but even by your own militia. When you solve these problems, you will have to nullify the intrigues of other neighbors. Replenish your personal squad, or as it is correctly called - hird. And also give short cuts to daring robbers. In general, if you watched the series Vikings, then many turns of the plot will seem familiar to you.

In addition to traveling around the world, one must not forget about the well-being of the native nest. To do this, it is necessary to improve the buildings that are in the village. Or build new ones. Expansion of your village increases your influence among neighbors, and also brings weekly various nishtyaki. Expeditions: Viking (2017) PC torrent The construction itself requires resources that must be collected in your travels, as well as slave labor. And it's funny - to give orders to build something you can be outside the village. It's like - mail pigeons or what? Type dad robbed a new hut - start construction? Not quite clear.

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