Conarium (2017) PC
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♦ Release date: 6 June 2017
♦ Genre: Horror, Adventure, 3D, 1st Person
♦ Type of publication: Unofficial
♦ Platform: PC
♦ Game version: 1.0.0
♦ Interface and subtitle language: Russian (RUS); English (ENG); German (DEU); French (FRA); Spanish (SPA); Italian (ITA); Portuguese Brazilian (POR-BR); Turkish (TUR)
♦ Crack: CODEX

System requirements:
The minimum
☛ Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
☛ Processor: Intel Core i3-4160 at 3.6 GHz
☛ Memory: 6 GB RAM
☛ Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480/570/670; ATI Radeon HD 5870/5850
☛ Sound Card: DirectX-compatible
☛ DirectX: Version 11
☛ Free space on the hard disk: 4.3 GB
☛ Optional: Using an AMD Crossfire setup. 4: 3 The resolutions are not supported.

☛ Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) and above
☛ Processor: Intel Core i5-4690K at 3.5 GHz / AMD FX-9370
☛ with an internal memory of 8 GB RAM
☛ Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / AMD Radeon R7 370
☛ Sound Card: DirectX-compatible
☛ DirectX: Version 11
☛ Free space on hard disk: 8 GB

How to install and run the game
① Mount the ISO image of the game using Alcohol 120% or a similar program.
② Run setup.exe from the root folder inside the image or wait for autorun.
③ Install the game in the preferred directory, following the instructions of the installer.
④ Copy all the contents from the CODEX subdirectory that is in the mounted image to the root folder with the game installed, replacing the original files. Alternative and simpler variant: during the installation of the game, check the box 'Copy contents of CODEX directory to installdir'.
⑤ Click on the game shortcut on the desktop, running it as administrator (Right-click on the shortcut ⇛ Properties ⇛ Compatibility ⇛ Run this program as administrator).
⑥ Exploring the vast and intricate rooms of the polar station, try to keep the mind, and at the same time to comprehend the mysteries of the wise Old Men and the descendants of the terrifying Cthulhu, who have been asleep for millennia.

To avoid confusion, disable your antivirus for the time of all the above manipulations. It is also recommended that all new files be added to the list of exclusion checks for your antivirus.

Conarium is a chilling game based on an exciting story. In it, four scientists are trying to comprehend what is considered the "absolute" edge of the possible. Game in the spirit of the novel "Ridiculous madness" by G. F. Lovecraft, but based on the original story.

You will play for Frank Gilman, who is in a room filled with strange throbbing sounds. The dance of death spreads across the walls patterns of light from an unusual device on the table. You can only remember that you are on Upaouth, the polar station, which is almost at the South Pole. And now you are already in a desolate place, and something tells you that all this is not good. Realizing that you will not be able to remember anything, you begin to feel in yourself an inexplicable defenselessness - some familiar, but at the same time, alien feeling that you do not belong to yourself. Soon you will find that using a mysterious device during the expedition, you died, but returned somehow. You begin to be tormented by strange memories of unusual places. You will understand that you have lost something very important and have found something fatal ...

Explore the polar station, and with it your dreams and visions. Learn the clues, learn secrets, but avoid evil creatures at all costs!

✔ Adventure horror from the creators of the drowsy Darkness Within.
✔ An eventful, intense story in the spirit of Lovecraft's short stories with a lot of secrets and Easter eggs.
✔ Sinister, but amazing graphics on the engine Unreal Engine 4.
✔ Several endings depending on the moves made and the decisions taken.
✔ Atmospheric mystical soundtrack.

✔ yaratıcıları gelen korku macera içinde karıncalar Romanlar Darkness gizlice.
✔ sırlar ve paskalya yumurtaları bir sürü yoğun lavkraftovskih hikayeleri ruhu içinde olaylı tarih.
Unreal Engine 4 ✔ uğursuz, ama şaşırtıcı grafikler.
✔ Çoklu yapılan hamle bağlı sonlar ve alınan kararlar.
✔ Atmosferik mistik film müziği.

✔ horror aventura dos criadores de esgueira por formigas Novels escuridão dentro.
✔ história cheia de acontecimentos num espírito de histórias lavkraftovskih intensas com um monte de segredos e ovos de páscoa.
✔ gráficos sinistros, mas surpreendentes sobre Unreal Engine 4.
✔ múltiplos finais, dependendo dos movimentos feitos e as decisões tomadas.
✔ atmosférica trilha sonora mística.

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