Carmageddon 2 Carpocalypse Now (1998) PC
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Released: November 30, 1998
Genre: Action, Indie, Racing, Meat, Classic
Developer: Stainless Games
Publisher: Stainless Games / GOG
Platform: PC
Version: v. (build GOG)
Type of publication: License (digital)
Language: English

✔ OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
✔ Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
✔ Memory: 512 MB RAM
✔ Graphics Card: DirectX 7 compatible
✔ Hard Drive: 1GB of free space
✔ Sound Card: DirectX compatible

Run setup_carmageddon2_2.0.0.26.exe
Specify path
Wait until the game is established

The very first simulator in the world of releasing organs at high speed returns in full 3D! The massacre became bloodier, the body parts flew farther and destruction became stronger. Burn and break the Carmageddon 2 Carpocalypse Now Torrent 3D crowd of people with the gas pedal in the floor. Carmageddon 2 Carpocalypse Now Torrent Destroy your opponents in any possible ways, the more creative the destruction, the more reward. Without rules, without compromise, WITHOUT A LOYALTY!

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now Torrent - the continuation of the sensational "Game of the Year" crash and break the blockbuster from 1997. The creators of the original Carmageddon staged even more fun, insanity and battles in the sequel! Imagine a chicken in front of an airplane! Burn the pedestrians with the Electro-Hammer Elderbug! Only fun and no responsibility for the murders, all in one huge package. What are you waiting for? Carmageddon 2 Carpocalypse Now Torrent Get ready and leave!

"Ladies and gentlemen, start your cars!" "Public, you have ONE minute to retreat to the minimum safe distance"
A crazy choice of cars and drivers, each with its own character and style of driving.
30 grueling tracks.
10 maniacal levels with missions.
10 stunning neighborhoods.
A completely new model of damage - the machines fall apart, and can even be broken into two parts!
Completely new 3D models of pedestrians!
A large number of animals to move - from poor penguins to powerful moose!
90 gains, including those with a trigger.
Train crashes, planes and massacre.
Crazy driving will give you points - destroy everything and everyone in your path.
Excellent design of open tracks, giving freedom for research.
Hidden territory bonus.
An absurdly satisfying gameplay in arcade style.
The heavy metal soundtrack from Iron Maiden and Sentience will accompany you on this infernal race.

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